Saturday, November 12, 2022 to Sunday, January 8, 2023

Tournament Rules and Regulations:

All applicable North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission and Federal fishing and boating regulations apply.

Anglers must allow a 50-yard berth to all boats during the tournament. The first boat in an area has the right of way. A boat may pass within 100 yds of the first boat but may not fish within 50 yds of the first boat unless the boat with the right of way gives explicit permission to the 2nd boat.

Target Species: Speckled Trout (Spotted Sea Trout)

  • Scoring based on aggregate total of the 3 longest speckled trout catches (rounded up to nearest 1/8th inch pinched tail length)

  • Aggregate of 3 longest Trout = total score (all submissions through the iAngler app)

  • Photo Requirements:

    Once you catch your trout, take a photo of your catch with the wrist band in the photo, submit the photo to our judges for scoring, and track live leaderboard updates all within the iAngler app!



    • Official tournament Wrist band permitted and must be in the photo
    • Fish must be photographed and measured on an approved measuring device
    • Measurement on a standard ruler must be clearly visible with inches and centimeters being clearly legible (judges have the right to disqualify fish based on not being able to clearly read the measurements)
    • Photo must also be time stamped and dated to count, screenshot will not be accepted
    • Measurements based on nose to “pinched” tail length (pinched to the size of the FISH STICK), the fish’s belly must be facing your belly when submitting a photo entry. Any amount of the fish not on the measuring tape will not be scored.
    • Only paid Anglers with wristbands can enter a fish, everyone fishing on the boat MUST be entered into the tournament.
    • In the case of a dispute or suspicion of cheating occurs, winners could be subject to a lie detector test. In order to protest you will need three opposing anglers and valid evidence to explain your dispute. The opposing three anglers would have to put up $600 to cover the test. If the winner passes the polygraph test, opposition loses the $600.
    • Tie breaker goes to the longest individual fish, then to who caught that fish first according to time stamp / iAngler time

    Please do your best to take good quality photos, showing the whole fish. Judges reserve the right to throw out photos that do not meet the requirements.

    We encourage you to enter every fish you catch from pinfish to lizard fish, to sharks, you name it. The more fish you catch and enter the iAngler Tournament app the more entries you will have into the random giveaways throughout the tournament!!!

    Also stay up to date on the iAngler Tournament announcements throughout the tournament as we will update you with extra fun incentives to win more prizes!!! As always tag CCA NC on Instagram with your catch photos using the hashtag #troutbash22 #ccanctroutbash

    iAngler registration:
    In order to log your catches, you will need to register on iAngler and download the app for your phone. Make sure to do this prior to the start of the tournament.