Kayak Musky Challenge 2021 (Canada and U.S)

Saturday, May 1, 2021 to Wednesday, December 15, 2021

**Kayaks Only**

All U.S and Canadian waters are eligible.

Use the appropriate measuring device based on the size of fish you are measuring.

Approved measuring boards:
Ketch, Hawg trough, Rapala RMFR 60" Magnum Folding Ruler, Handlebars musky bumper board, Muskie bumper and Cabela's 50".

*if using Rapala board, an affixed sewing tape, measuring tape etc to ensure that numbers can be seen in photo. Home-made boards may be accepted provided measuring tapes are affixed at both top and bottom of board, and lines are drawn between the two at 5" increments starting at 30". These boards must be verified by judges prior to event.

Board must be kept flat during photo and measurement of fish. Judges reserve the right to deduct 1" length should it be apparent that the measuring board is not lying flat, or if the fish tail is lifted off-of board.

Identifier and codes must be seen in photo

Photos of fish must be left to right and show the fish's lip touching bump (DQ if not touching). Fish will be judged at the last visible increment if the photo is cut-off (and no video exists). Likewise, if the measurement is blurry, the last visible increment will be used.
**New for 2021- video submissions. Video mode on phone or camera may be the best way to accurately measure larger fish** Video mode is the best practice to ensure that the entire fish is recorded quickly and effectively. We then recommend submitting a still frame from that video for judging. *The photo you submit, is the photo that will be judged* Exception to this rule occurs when an angler requests that video be considered in cases where the full length of the fish is cut off in the photo. In this case, the judges will determine a score for that fish from the submitted video. The video will then be posted on I-Angler for all participants to see.

Kayak must be seen in the measurement photo.

**New Any help needed to take a safe measurement photo is permitted. Whether it’s someone taking the photo for you, another angler holding the board, a boat helping steady your kayak etc. Healthy release and angler safety!

No live bait

Lip grippers may be used, however, if the photo shows evidence of physical harm to the fish because of their use, the fish in question will be disqualified. Lip grippers obstructing view of where fishes lip is touching board will have a 2" deduction.

No lure in fishes mouth during photo

One rod only for trolling

No trolling under power

In the event of a tie in the Musky slam category, longest musky entered will be deciding factor. In the event of a tie in Pike slam category, longest Pike entered will be deciding factor. In the event of a tie in the longest Musky category, the first Musky entered will be the deciding factor.

A pfd must be worn all times. Any photo showing that an angler is not wearing a pfd will be disqualified.

All fish to be released unharmed.

*It is the angler's responsibility to ensure all Esox submitted for judging are caught, measured and released in accordance with local fishing regulations.

It is highly recommended that cold water gear and a buddy system is used during the cold-water months of this challenge.

The safety of both angler and fish is of utmost importance. It is therefore highly recommended that the proper tools for musky fishing be present on kayak during each outing. A photo of a Musky in the net is better than a photo of an angler in the water.

As per disclaimer, any angler under the age of 18 must have written permission from a parent or guardian to participate in this event.