Kayak Jackpot Classic

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Rules and Regulations

The Kayak Jackpot Classic is open to all anglers provided they meet the requirements per tournament and honor all rules and regulations stated.

Liability Release and License Requirements
1. All participants must have a valid Oklahoma fishing license for the event, and follow all state rules at all times.

1. Only kayaks will be allowed. No canoes, gasoline motors, sailboats, air boats, air tubs, or bass busters etc... Accommodations can be made for special needs anglers in advance on a case to case basis only, and are at the sole discretion of the tournament director.
2. All fish must be taken from your kayak; you are not permitted to leave your kayak to fish from shore.
3. Only one paid entrant per kayak.
4. Trolling and/or electric motors are not allowed.

1. Most tournaments will be roadrunner events. If a designated launch area will be used it will be announced prior to or at the captains meeting.
2. Launch from any legal PUBLIC access site. If you are ticketed for illegal parking or access it is an automatic disqualification.
3. Transporting or towing vessel or competitor by means of powerboat is prohibited.
4. Portaging or leaving your vessel to access an otherwise inaccessible area is grounds for disqualification.

Fishing Methods for Event
1. Only artificial baits/lures/flies will be permitted.
2. Rod & Reel or fly rods only.
3. Only one line in the water at a time.

1. Scoring is determined by length using 1/4 inch increments of each contestant’s catch during each tournament day via the Catch, Photograph, and Release (CPR) method.
2. Each competitor will be provided with a unique identifier for the tournament.
3. The five longest verified lengths will be totaled for the anglers score.
4. Rounding will be down and to the nearest ¼ inch.
5. Only Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted Bass are accepted species.
6. Best 5 (five) fish make up a daily limit.
7. All fish must measure a minimum of 10”, unless otherwise specified for individual events. Bass submitted that fail to measure 10” with mouth completely closed will not be scored.
8. A submitted fish will only count once to an angler’s aggregate score for all days of the tournament.

Measuring Device
1. The Hawg Trough and Ketch Board are the official, mandatory, measuring devices.
2. Contestants must bring their own measuring device.
3. Your measuring device may be inspected by Tournament staff at any time before, during, or after the tournament.
4. Anyone found to be using a measuring device that is determined to be not legal will be disqualified from the tournament.
5. Ensure the markings on your measuring device are clearly marked and can be seen by the scoring official.
6. Consider marking the lines on your Hawg Trough with a black marker. However, excessive marking may result in a penalty.

Photo Criteria
1. Anglers must be prepared to manually upload pictures with cables, cords, software, etc required to download photos via a USB port to the official judge’s computer.
2. Each fish photo must include all of the following criteria to avoid penalties or disqualification:
- The entire Bass, from the tip of the lip to the end of the tail, on an approved measuring device, while in a tournament legal vessel.
- Laying with the tip of the lip against the post end of the measuring device.
- The mouth of the Bass must be CLOSED COMPLETELY.
- The tail of the Bass must be laying flat on the board, and will be measured to the longest point.
- Pinching the tail is permitted.
- Bass must be facing to the left, tail to the right, belly toward the angler.
- Measuring device markings must be clearly visible. Including the actual numbers.
- Assigned unique identifier must be visible.
- One overhead photo shot frame (not shot at an angle).
- Fish must be clear of any holding devices including fishing lure or hook.
- Lip, eye, and tail cannot be obstructed in the photo, even by your hand or identifier.
- Hand or fingers must not be under the gill plate.

3. If fish has a visible glossy eye or odd markings it is suggested the angler take video of that fish going from the board, and actively swimming away.
4. Any questionable issues with a fish should be immediately brought to the tournament director’s attention.
5. Quality of the photo submitted is the responsibility of the angler.
**All criteria above must be met or the photo may not be scored**

1. The largest one-day catch for the tournament will break ties. If a tie remains, it will be broken first by total number of fish legally submitted, then by longest fish, followed by next longest fish until all fish have been accounted.