Battle of the Bays Round 2 - Channel Islands Harbor

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Battle of the Bays Tournament Rules

1. Registration and Entry Fee:
a. All participants must completely fill out the official registration form available at or at the tournament location (on - site).
b. There is a $60 entry fee for each angler per venue that is available online at through PayPal until registration opens on-site on the morning of each event. Credit cards and cash will be accepted on-site.
c. The Biggest Fish side - pot entry fee is $20. Paid on-site or here with PayPal.
d. The Mity Might Contest is $20 and includes the rod and reel. Paid on site or here with PayPal.
e. Free Tournament Entry to all CCA CAL Lifetime Members.

2. Format:
a. “Shotgun Start” at 7:00am. at each venue.
b. Anglers can participate in one or any number of the four separate one - day events.
c . Anglers will submit photos of their best 3 bass each day.
d. Anglers must use an approved Hawg Trough measuring device.
e. Anglers should use the iAngler app to speed up and facilitate the judging.
f. The angler with the largest total inches from his three best bass will win the day’s event. The Bass can be from one species or any combination of the three allowed species; Spotted Sand Bass, Barred Sand Bass, and Calico Bass.
g. The angler with the longest bag of bass for the four, first place finishers will receive The Grand Prize, a Hobie Mirage Drive Pro Angler 12 to be awarded at the Dana Point event. Ties will be dealt with as per rule 10 a, b, and c
h. All measurements will be made using the Imperial method (inches).
i. There will also be a Biggest Fish Side - Pot at each event. The heaviest legal CDFW approved game fish, except bass , sharks, and rays will be the winner of that day’s side-pot. White Sea Bass are allowed in the side pot.
j. Biggest fish must be weighed at the check-in area at each venue.
k. Angers must be in line with their fish for weigh-in by 1pm PST.
l. Only one fish may be submitted per angler for the Side Pot weigh-in.
m. All anglers should check-out at the end of their day to facilitate the judging of ties. Please see in rule # 9 Ties c. and d.
n. If an angler does not check-out before 1pm. their “assigned” check - out time will be 1pm.

3. Vessel:
Kayak, Float Tube, Canoe, and Stand - Up Paddle Boards are the only permitted watercrafts in this event. Electric motors are allowed.

4. Launch and access:
a. Anglers will launch at Dana Landing in Mission Bay on May 5th, at the King Harbor Yacht Club in Santa Monica Bay on June 9th, at the Vintage Marina in Channel Islands Harbor on June 30th, and at Dana Point Harbor on July 14th.
b. Anglers must have a valid California Saltwater Fishing License and honor all CDFW fishing regulations.
c. Any area marked off - limits by the local Harbor Patrol is to be honored.
d. Any angler caught launching or fishing in an off - limits area will be disqualified.

5. Catch:
a. All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line, and hook, on the day of the tournament. IGFA rules apply except for the use of treble hooks.
b. Artificial lures, flies, live and dead bait are allowed.
c. Fish must be hooked in the mouth.
d. The use of umbrella rigs, scents, and Gulp, is permitted.
e. Calico Bass, Barred Sand Bass, and Spotted Sand Bass measuring a minimum of 14 inches in length will count as a CPR entry.
f. Bass must be alive during photograph and all attempts must be made for a safe live release.
g. Biggest Fish category will include all legal CDFW game fish species except Rays, Sharks, Calico Bass, Spotted Sand Bass, and Barred Sand Bass.

6. Token / Card
a. Anglers will be given a token/card for each day of the tournaments. This token/card is very important to the angler, as it must be in the picture with your fish for the fish to count.
b. An angler is responsible for this token/card from the moment it is assigned to them until they check out at the end of the day.
c. No replacement token/cards will be available.

7. Photo:
All fish must be photographed on an approved Hawg Trough measuring device. You must use a smart phone or digital camera for the picture.
a. Fish must be lying flat, facing left to right, with mouth closed in a natural resting position centered against the vertical portion of the Hawg Trough. The fish must appear in a natural state. The tail will be measured as it lies.
b. A tournament supplied 1” wide Velcro band can be used to retain the fish on the hawg trough if it is used in a humane way that does not harm the fish.
c. “Angler Assist” shall be allowed when handling large fish. Anglers may summon a nearby competitor for assistance in measuring and photographing the fish, to get a clear measurement and ensure the safety of the fish. The photo must be taken with the angler’s own camera.
d. Photo must be taken on the angler’s vessel with the token/card clearly visible in every picture for it to count.
e. Anglers are responsible for having pictures clear and visible for the judge’s view. The judges and the tournament director have official say on a fish’s length.
f. Images may not be digitally altered or enhanced in any way.
g. Anglers will have the convenience of using the iAngler App to turn in fish from their smart phone immediately after they catch it and up until 1pm. If an angler does not utilize this app, they must be prepared with an SD card and/or cord to plug the phone or camera in to a computer for submission. Expect to unlock cell phones that are used and to relinquish cell phones or cameras requiring cords for download until judging is complete
d. Pictures of submitted fish should not be deleted off of the device until the tournament has concluded.

8. CPR Photo Criteria:
a. All criteria must be met or the photo will not be scored.
b. Show the whole fish, tip to tail (aside from your hand, the fish must be clear of any devices. Mouth/fins/tail cannot be obstructed in the photo).
c. Lay the fish with the tip of the mouth at the beginning of the ruler.
d. Measurement markings on the measuring board shall be clearly visible.
e. An angler’s assigned official token/card shall be visible.
f. One overhead photo (taken from directly above, not at an angle).

9 . CPR Judging:
a. The judge will round down to the closest .25” from where the tail lies.
b. Judges have full discretion on open mouth and where the tail lies.
c. If there is a questionable photo, judges can ask tournament director to make final ruling.
d. An angler may submit as many legal fish as he can during the allotted hours.

10 . Ties:
a. Any ties in total bag submissions will be broken by the single longest fish in each angler’ bag of three bass.
b. In the case that the single longest fish are tied then the second single longest fish will be used and so on.
c. In the case that all three fish are identical length, then the earliest check - out time at the end of the day will break the tie. d . In the case of the Biggest Fish Side Pot, if two fish are of identical weight then the earliest check - out time at the end of the day will break the tie and win that event.
e. Coin toss or split funds evenly if the tying check - out times are 1pm.
f. Split the funds evenly if there are more than two ties.

11 . Safety:
a. All anglers are to follow the laws specifically stated by U.S. Coast Guard and the local CDFW as well as the local Harbor Patrol.
b. Each angler must have a valid CDFW saltwater stamped fishing license for the days they will be on the water.
c. All participants must wear their life vest (PFD) through the duration of the competition.
d. All participants must have a VHF radio in possession.

12 . Ethics:
a . Anglers are to use sportsmanship on and off the water.
b. Anglers are to be respectful of other participants that are launching or fishing in similar areas to you.
c. Anglers are expected to follow all the rules.
d. Anyone caught cheating could receive punishment by law and receive lifetime bans from other CCA kayak fishing events and tournaments.
e. Contestants shall not obtain or receive assistance during the hours of competition, including but not limited to the following: a non - competitor’s boat; the placing of markers by a non-competitor; being towed by a motorized skiff, dingy, or inflatable.

13 . Penalties:
a. Open Mouth on fish; .5” deduction penalty.
b. Unnatural manipulation of the fish aside from pinching the tail; .5” deduction penalty
c. Token and/or card missing in photo; fish will be disqualified.

14 . Disqualifications:
a. If an angler does not turn in their photos by 1pm PST, their catch that day will be 0.
b. If a Big Fish Side Pot angler with their fish is not in line at the weigh - in by 1pm. their Big Fish submission will be disqualified.
c. Anglers violating the catch rules.
d. Any fish on a stringer or restrained to a Hawg Trough by any means other than the competitors hand or the approved band. This includes: grips, stringers, hooks, lures, etc.
e. Token and/or card missing in photo; fish will be disqualified.

15 . Formal complaints:
a . Any participant wishing to file a formal complaint against a competitor must do so in writing prior to 1pm. at each event.
b. This complaint must be turned in, in writing; specifically explaining the violation and by whom. It must be signed and turned into the Tournament Director with a $100 deposit. If the challenge is upheld the $100 will be returned.
c . Any concerns regarding clarification of rules shall be discussed with the Tournament Director BEFORE the start of the session each day.
d. The Tournament Director and the CCA judges will have the final decision on any formal complaints.

16 . Payout and Prizes:
a. The First Place Winner of the three combined length longest bass at each event will receive a $500 gift card. Second Place at each event will receive a $250 gift card. Third Place at each event will receive a $125 gift card. Fourth Place at each event will receive a $75 gift card.
b. There will be a Biggest Fish Side-Pot including all legal CDFW game - fish, excluding Bass, Rays and Sharks. White Sea Bass are included in the Side - Pot. Biggest Fish winner at each event will win the total of the Biggest Fish entry fees for that event. Biggest fish is the heaviest fish weighed.
c. One Bonus Prize Drawing ticket will be issued to each registered angler during check - in at each event.
Participants at all four venues are eligible for the Bonus Prize drawing. Only one Bonus Prize will be awarded for all four events. The Bonus Prize winner will be announced July 14th at the Dana Point event.
The Bonus Prize is a 4 day trip to Cedros Island with Cedros Kayak Fishing. Airfare, round trip ground transportation from San Diego to Ensenada, Accommodations, Food and drinks will be provided (excluding alcohol).
Fully guided kayak fishing on completely outfitted Hobie Outbacks (with full panga support) is included. A Mexican Fishing License is not included.
d. The longest bass caught in all 4 tournaments will be awarded a Kayak Jet Kit from Bixpy ($1100 value) at the Dana Point event.
e. The angler with the longest bag of bass for the four, first place finishers will receive the Grand Prize, a Hobie Mirage Drive Pro Angler 12 at the Dana Point event. Ties will be dealt with as per
rule 10 a, b, and c.
f. The Mity Might contest is won at each event by submitting a photo of the longest fish caught on a Mity Might rod and reel. The rod and reel must be in the submitted photo with the fish on a hawg trough. The award for this contest is a Roddy Reaper Graphite Rod.
g. The heaviest Rockfish caught on an AHI product will win a $100 selection of AHI Assault and Live Deception Jigs at the Santa Monica Bay and Channel Islands Harbor events only. There is no additional entry fee for this division.
h. Prizes won or received at the event are final. There is no official trading or switching of items won.

17 . Inclement Weather:
In the event of a “Small Craft Warning” the tournament will be postponed and a new date will be posted at , , and the CCA California facebook page.

18 . Rules and Rule Changes:
a . Rules interpretation is exclusively left to the Tournament Director and/or the CCA CAL judges. Decisions of the Tournament Director and CCA CAL judges are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.
b. All rules are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Tournament Director and/or the CCA CAL judges. Any/all rule changes will be posted for viewing on the event notice board at check - in and on the event website prior to tournament starting times each day.
c . The Tournament Director and/or the CCA CAL judges have the right to modify, change or move the arena location.