2017 KBS School Trail - Southwest Division Online Tournament #2

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Addendum to the normal KBS Rules for just the Kayak Bass Series School Trail (KBSST) Online Tournaments:

1. All KBSST Divisional Online Tournaments can be fished from Land, Kayak or Boat. All anglers must follow local and state regulations and laws.

2. A bump Board (Hawg Trough) will be the only measuring device and follow rules for KBS in measuring (see CPR Rules).

3. A signed waiver form must be signed properly and sent back to KBS Home Office before and participant can fish any Online Tournament.

4. Anglers that make the cut for the National Championship will be required to follow the normal KBS rules. Pre- fishing can be done from Land, Kayak or Boat.

5. Eligibility, Students from 7th grade to 12th grade and from Public, private or home schooled are eligible. If a student is graduating in May or the beginning of the KBSST Season, you are still eligible to finish the KBSST Trail and compete in the National Championship and Divisional AOY’s for yourself and your Schools Team.

6. Divisional AOY’s will receive a trophy and a scholarship award donated to the school from the KBS and presented to the angler/student by the school and school team. The scholarship award will be based upon participation in that division.

7. Students in each Division will receive trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for all online events. We will take your best 3 scores from the four (4) Online Tournaments (dropping one of your lowest scores) to give your overall AOY points for that Division. Schools ranking in a Division will be based on the best five (5) students from the schools overall Team. Schools will also receive a Divisional Trophy and award based upon participation in that Division.

8. The top ten schools in each Division will be able to send five (5) students to the National Championship.
a. Schools that attend the National Championship that place will receive trophies and donations from the
KBS based on participation of the Nation.
b. Students that also fish the National Championship will be fishing as a team and individually. They will
receive trophies and scholarships according to their overall scores. Scholarships will be donated to the
schools and presented to the students by the school and schools fishing team.

9. Awards, Trophies and Donations as follows based on participation;
A. Each Divisional online tournament will have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place trophy awarded to the students. Total one hundred and eight (108) trophies.
B. Each Division will have one (1) AOY (Angler of the Year) Student. These students will receive a trophy and a $1,500.00 scholarship from a donation to the School from the KBS. Total nine (9) students.

Note: The following is based on 100 schools and 2000 students. Growth Projections show this being 10 times this size in
2018 with 10 times the trophies, awards and donations. Schools can also start turning in their submissions for funding
from the KBS for 2018 in 2017. Email your request to terry@kayakbassseries.com. Funding cap for 2018 will be
$1,000.00, funding will increase with participation.

Please review the tournament rules at: http://www.fishkbs.com/2017-kbs-rules/

You must become a KBS Member in order to qualify for Classics, Championships and receive AOY Points". For more informatIon, please go to http://www.fishkbs.com/membership/.