First Community Bank: MBKFA - 2017 AOY

Sunday, January 1, 2017 to Sunday, November 26, 2017

Rules for 2017

• Goes from January 1, 2017 to November 26th, 2017 @ Midnight with the winner being announced at December Fish-out TBA. MUST be MBKFA (Mobile Bay Kayak Fishing Association) Member.

• All Publicly accessible waters, not just Alabama (So if you're vacationing or take a trip out of state it counts); waters that require fee to fish are permitted ONLY if allowed to be fish by ALL anglers for the same fee. As an example; Dream Strike is NOT allowed, the owners charge a fee but don’t allow equal access to ALL anglers.

• All fish must be caught from a Kayak, if wade fishing, you must be tethered to your launched kayak no more than 20 feet.

• You will get 1 point per inch, on all eligible fish, with a maximum of 30 points per a species. See bottom of page for eligible fish.

• You may increase the size of any species throughout the year; however, you only get credit for that species once.

• All photos must include Token on a legal and legible measuring board (Measuring device must be bump board type Hard L-shape. NO loose tape measure, folding or sliding boards.) WE strongly suggest that each angler use a Hawg Trough board. It will be each angler’s responsibility to post the best photo of fish to get full credit.

• Token MUST be prominent part of photo. It will need to be on fish or lay to the side of fish. No sticking it to the board. Token could contain a Sponsor, and we owe them the courtesy of a readily visible logo.

• The photo of fish must be in the kayak (No dock photos) head to left belly towards the angler. No pinching of the tail, as it lies, with mouth against the bump board. Take plenty of pictures, if there’s a problem with photo the fish will be disqualified.

• Photos must be entered in the “iAngler” MBKFA 2017 Angler of Year App or website. All photos should be posted within 72 hours of when caught. (Honor system will be employed, put it up as soon as possible. If found to be holding photo for later they will not be counted). In case of tie the angler who posted their last qualified fish first will win tie breaker, unless maximum length is measured. If there are 2 or more fish that measure over 30”, in a single category, a blind draw will determine the winner, of that category.

• Three places will be awarded Angler of Year 1st , Runner Up 2nd place, and 3rd place.

• No Mother-shipping allowed! With the popularity of electric motors on kayak they are approved in this tournament only; however, it must be legal and abide by all state laws. Registration, tag, lights etc.

Eligible Species
1. Speckled Trout
2. Redfish
3. Flounder
4. Bass (Only one species)
5. White Trout
6. Mangrove Snapper
7. Black Drum
8. Spanish Mackerel
9. Sheepshead
10. Catfish
11. Lady Fish
12. Croaker
13. Bream (Freshwater Species)
14. Jack Crevalle
15. Bowfin
16. Goggle Eye (warmouth bream/Rock Bass)