Susquehanna River Fishing Club

Susquehanna River Fishing Club

In 2010, Don Goff began the Susquehanna River Fishing Club. In 8 years, our club has been established as a credible source for fishing news, reports, volunteer events, community support, tournaments, and more. ​ We have a vast knowledge of fishing and a collaborative expertise of the Susquehanna River Basin and Maryland's Chesapeake Bay. ​ We offer memberships to the public, providing a fishing experience unparalleled by any other on the east-coast. ​ Our Pro-staff interacts daily and attends events and tournaments with the members of SRFC. We represent our Pro-staff when attending tournaments outside of the club ensuring growth to our club. The Pro-staff provides insights on competitive fishing as well. ​ We want to invite you to our club and come experience the Susquehanna and the Chesapeake Bay the way we do!

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Currently Running Tournament(s)

SRFC - 2018 Weekly Catch Internet Challenge

Here are the Stars of this series along with the number of fish they caught:
Brian Noll
12 Fish
Points 119.75
Tournaments 2
  Joshua Dixon
10 Fish
Points 107.15
Tournaments 4
  Kenneth Addair
10 Fish
Points 100.75
Tournaments 1
Chris Walker
8 Fish
Points 89.20
Tournaments 1
  John Clevenstine
7 Fish
Points 69.00
Tournaments 1
  Todd Burnett
6 Fish
Points 63.20
Tournaments 1
  Roy Boyd Jr
4 Fish
Points 39.75
Tournaments 9
Joseph Clevenstine
4 Fish
Points 38.00
Tournaments 1
Robert Murphy
3 Fish
Points 28.00
Tournaments 1
  Brian Marshall
1 Fish
Points 9.75
Tournaments 1
Stephen Dennis
1 Fish
Points 9.00
Tournaments 3
Upcoming Tournaments
Date 04/21/2018
Lapidum Boat Ramp, Herring Run Lane, Havre de Grace, MD

Date 06/09/2018
Lapidum Boat Ramp, Herring Run Lane, Havre de Grace, MD

Date 07/28/2018
Tydings Park Marina, Havre de Grace, MD

Date 07/29/2018
Dundee Creek Marina, 7400 Graces Quarters Road, Middle River, MD

Date 08/18/2018
Conowingo Lake, Airville, PA

Date 09/29/2018
Conowingo Lake Road, MD

Date 09/30/2018
Mariner Point Park, Joppa, MD

Date 10/13/2018
Conowingo Lake Road, MD

Date 10/14/2018
Wilson Point Park, Beech Drive, Middle River, MD

Past Tournaments
None of the tournaments have ended yet.