River Reefs Tournaments

River Reefs Tournaments

Jacksonville University, Marine Science Research Institute

Marine Science Research Institute Discover Marine Science at Jacksonville University! Explore the natural laboratory provided by the St. Johns River and conduct extensive fieldwork as a JU marine biology student in the new 30,000 square-foot Marine Science Research Institute (MSRI). You’ll be wading through diverse marine environments with your professors and classmates. The fresh water of the river, the brackish salt marshes of the Intracoastal Waterway system and the saltiness of the Atlantic Ocean combine as the perfect learning environment. Jacksonville’s history and future as a community are largely based on a healthy river, dynamic waterway and beautiful oceanfront. To continue to protect and preserve these significant natural assets, JU has established the MSRI. Our faculty have active, grant-funded research projects that provide ample opportunities for you to get involved to combine field work with your laboratory experience to enhance classroom learning.

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Fall 2017 River Reefs Tournament

Here are the Stars of this series along with the number of fish they caught:
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