EFL Stage 2 - Referee Training


EFL Stage 2 - Referee Training

Monday, March 11, 2024
 | Fishing Tournament
Stage 2 Round 1
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Stage 2 - Round 1
Referee Training
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Round Winner Advances to Championship

The EFL is a mystery waters, no practice fishing league with its focus on finding the angler that can show up to a body of water on short notice, launch their boat ride around for 30 minutes of scouting formulate a plan to catch weigh film and release the best single day of fishing in their group of just 4 or 5 anglers.

The top 5 fish from each angler determines place of finish. All of the action happens under the watchful eye of a tour official and captured by professional tour cameramen for our nationally televised audience on the Discovery Channel. No extended time off of work or away from family just show up show out and dominate your day, not days!

Series: Elite Fishing League

Individual Angler

Tournament is over

Website: www.elitefishingseries.com


Events & Schedule

Fishing Period 1 Begins

03/12/2024 07:30 AM

Fishing Period 1 Ends

03/12/2024 11:30 AM

Fishing Period 2 Begins

03/12/2024 12:00 PM

Fishing Period 2 Ends

03/12/2024 04:00 PM



Pat Malone
Tommy Branch
Jason Pippenger
Michael Arevalo
Andrew Adam


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


Anglers are notified according to their group 24 hours prior to reporting to official staging location. I.E. hotel, business, etc..
The playing field for a round as designated by the tour will be delivered to the anglers in that round the morning of the round.
Anglers seek information pertaining to fishing, lures, fish movements or any other fishing related information and cannot be on any water within the overall playing field beginning Monday the week of an EFL stage.
Fishing period 1 will take place 7:30 AM - 11:30 PM. Fishing period 2 will take place 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM. Extensions, delays or any other adjustments may be made to these times by the tour if deemed necessary.
Lines In called by the referee signifies the start of a fishing period. Lines Out signifies the end of a fishing period.
Anglers can’t cast after a lines out call. A fish caught on a cast made during a fishing period and anytime prior to lines out call will count.
Anglers may push away from the designated launch location no earlier than 7:00 AM. First cast of fishing period 1 will be 7:30 AM and conclude with lines out call at 11:30 AM. The start of fishing period 2 will begin at 12:00 PM and conclude at 4:00 PM.
A penalty for a violation taking place at the end of fishing period 1 must be served at the start of fishing period 2. A penalty for a violation taking place at the end of fishing period 2 will carry over and must be served prior at the start of fishing period 1 at the following round or stage .
The official scale of the Elite Fishing League is the Brecknell ElectroSamson with fish grips. All fish will be weighed in pounds and hundredths of pounds... 11.25 pounds not 11 pounds 4 ounces.
Anglers may not travel to a fishing location during the 30 minute break period 11:30 - 12:00.
Anglers are responsible for having life vest on and kill switch attached anytime the big engine is operating.
Anglers must ensure that referee and cameramen are secured with life vest on and ready for moving anytime big engine is operating.
During rain and/or thunderstorms safe, storm free areas within the boundary must be sought in order to continue fishing in a safe environment. Fishing will not be stopped for the entire field unless the playing field is under dangerous storm conditions.
Delays, extensions of time or other weather dictated event protocol modifications that affect the entire field will be made by the tour and relayed to referees.
EFL tour officials/ownership (not EFL referees) reserve the right to delay or extend any fishing period, round or stage and to alter or remove official playing field or fishing zone boundaries at anytime to help ensure a safe, fair and competitive playing field for all competitors in a particular round of fishing.
During a penalty anglers cannot re-spool, tie their lines, change lures or do anything other than just sit or stand for duration of penalty. Anglers may anchor or secure boat from rocks, jetties, etc. prior to the start of their penalty. Once started if angler has to readjust or move their boat the penalty time will start over. Penalty time only starts at the moment anglers becomes settled.

Anglers must observe a maximum 60 MPH speed limit at all times.
Anglers can catch and weigh as many fish in a period as they can.
Best 5 fish total weight determine place of finish.
A scorable redfish is any redfish between 3 and 12 pounds. 2.99 and 12.01 do not count.
All fish must be landed by net from the front deck, rear deck or well of boat.
No throwing or tossing a fish back from a point obviously higher than gunnel of boat.
Only 1 rod/reel/lure may be used at a time. Anglers may make 1 extra cast during each fishing period in an attempt to hook a second fish. If a second fish is hooked the second fish catch must be completed, fish weigh and properly released prior to re engaging the first fish.

Failing to secure life vest and kill switch prior to getting on plane - 10:00 minutes and must be served immediately prior to continuing to the intended location.
Operating the boat at a speed over 62 MPH (2 mph buffer) or more after receiving 1 warning - 15:00 minutes and must be served prior to continuing to intended location.
Landing a fish from an elevated riser box or casting platform - fish disqualified - 5:00 minutes.
Leaving the boat for any reason, purposely or accidental. - 5:00 minutes.
Breaking off a fish - 2:00 minutes unless the fish was identified by referee as a non scorable species prior to breaking off, I.E. catfish, gar, sheepshead, trout, shark, etc..then no penalty will be issued.
If an angler drops the fish prior to official weight being called or on the way to releasing a fish. 2:00 minutes.
If a fish is properly landed in the net and then squirms its way out of the net touching the floor/deck of the boat there is no penalty.


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