Indian River Lagoon Classic


Indian River Lagoon Classic

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Spotted Sea Trout

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Welcome to the Kayak Fishing ClassicS 2015 Tournament Series presented by Tropic Bay and all of our fantastic sponsors. We are very excited to bring you the best tournament series and the best sponsors in the world.

Please register at:

Entry Fee: $50 (Early Registration, Individual Angler)

The Kayak Fishing ClassicS Saltwater Tournament Series will be awarding 8 kayaks this year from Old Town Canoes & Kayaks, Ocean Kayaks and Necky Kayaks at our Invitational Championship and our 3 day kayak fishing SlamFest: the Johnson Outdoors World Fishing Open in October & November. Proceeds from our JOWFO will go to the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital thru our Live2Fish foundation.

We will be fishing in some of the most exotic inshore fishing locations in the world that are sure to bring you great action and tropical fishing adventures. Read our magazine, watch our video channel and join our fishing adventures all right here on our website...See you on the water.

Series: Kayak Fishing ClassicS

$50 USD
Individual Angler


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Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard (using the web portal)
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Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard (using the app)
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Events & Schedule

Launch Kayaks

04/30/2016 06:30 AM

CPR Weigh In

04/30/2016 02:30 PM



Captain Pat Horrigan
Mike Christopher


Rules and Regulations


Kayak Fishing ClassicS RULES 2015 (IN PERSON EVENTS)

1. Artificial lures/baits only
2. Catch/Photo/Release only
3. Measuring tape: KFCTS Official Measuring Tape only
4. Measuring tape must be permanently stuck to board. Board must me FLAT and as wide as tape
or wider. Board must have 2" tall nose stop or taller at zero line of measuring tape.
5. Fish must lay flat on measuring tape. Fish must be on its side and not on its belly. Fishing token
must be ON entry fish for entry photo. Fish tail may be pinched but you may not have your
hands or arm in entry photo. No device may be used to hold tail in a pinched position.
6. Length of fish = Nose to longest point of tail that is ON the measuring tape. Nose against bump
board at zero line.
7. Digital Camera w/Removable Media Card only for entry photos. NO CELL PHONES, FILM,PRINT.
8. Must be Registered/Paid Contestant to Compete
9. Must fish from kayak or SUP
10. Must fish any 3 KFCTS tournaments in any combination of divisions to qualify for invitational
national championship.
11. The Top 3 winners of each tournament shall receive sponsor prizes & trophies.
12. Largest total of fish in inches entered by a contestant shall determine the winner. The next
largest total of fish in inches will win second place and so on. Total inches wins not number of
fish. 2 fish can beat 3 fish for example.( unless specified by NTD for SLAM events)
13. Each tournament shall be a 4 fish tournament total per contestant (unless otherwise stated)
14. A combination of species allowed will be set by National Director of Tournaments for each
15. Contestant must catch his/her own fish that he/she enters at weigh in.
16. Anglers launching before stated launch time will be disqualified.
17. Human power kayak/SUP only.
18. Motors are not allowed on tournament day.
19. Contestants must sign in and record time at weigh in prior to posted weigh in time.
20. Posted weigh in time is the absolute latest time that a contestant my weigh in.
21. All ties in length of inches are broken by first to weigh in. In
22. All entry photos not gathered at weigh in must be emailed to KFCTS no later than 5PM of the
next day after the tournament to receive credit and inches for tournament and standings.
23. All Award Kayaks will be won and given at Invitational National Championship.
24. Registration fee will only be refunded in the event of the cancelation of a tournament. A
weather postponement does not constitute a cancelation.
25. Registration fees may not be moved from one tournament to another. Please do not ask as this
cost us more to do than the fee.
26. Only OEM style of hooks may be on hard lures or plugs.
27. Dead-Stick or soaking techniques of fishing is not allowed.
28. Wade fishing is allowed ONLY if anglers kayak is tethered to the angler.
29. No angler is allowed to launch prior to posted launch time.
30. Tandem kayaks are allowed however both anglers/paddlers must be registered.
31. Protest must be made in writing and delivered to a tournament official within 30 minutes of the
check in/weigh in time. The director of tournaments is final authority in all considerations.
32. All Rules interpretation is exclusively the decision of the Director of Tournaments. All decisions
of/ by the DOT are final and are not subject to appeal.
33. All contestants are subject to take a Voice Analysis/ Lie Detector/Polygraph examination at
Tournament Director’s discretion. Refusal to take examination will result in an automatic
disqualification. Failure of examination is grounds for disqualification.
34. Disqualified contestant/contestants shall return/forfeit all winnings and are financially liable for
retail value of all awards/gifts awarded to contestant/contestants.
35. Disqualification from a tournament is grounds for disqualification from series. Disqualification
will result in possible legal action taken against disqualified contestant and or contestants. Anglers that become disqualified for cheating will also be listed as such in writing and public notice may be made.
36. The Kayak Fishing ClassicS, Inc. its staff and or employees, ownership, and sponsors are not responsible for loss or damage of any contestant personal property or equipment or phones, cameras, etc. Exercise caution and smart practices to secure your property and equipment.
1.PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY. Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Minors are eligible to participate with a parent or legal guardian signature on the release form. A completed entry form, waiver, and entry fee must be received no later than the published entry date. All minors must be accompanied by signing parent or legal guardian while fishing, at the weigh in and awards ceremony. The responsibility and safety for said minor is solely that of the signing parent or legal guardian. Parent and or legal guardian holds harmless Tropic Bay Inc Kayak Fishing ClassicS and their ownership, officers and employees.
2. REGISTRATION AND CAPTAINS MEETING. Registration will be open through the posted date. The Captain's Meeting is available online at the Kayak Fishing ClassicS website and must be viewed by contestants prior to each event. An entry fee will be due when registering Online in order to fish the event. All entry fees are NONTRANSFERABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE unless event is canceled. In the event of postponement due to weather, the tournament will be held on the NEXT FOLLOWING SATURDAY unless otherwise stated by TD. Attendance at the Captain's Meeting Online is MANDATORY for all contestants. Uniform tokens will be sent to contestants by email by using contestant email address given on the Registration Form online Or may be handed out by at a convenient location prior to each event. This is a Photo Release Tournament Series. All
contestants must photograph their catch with the fish on the official measuring stick with Tournament Token upon fish and clearly visible. Your camera must have Date/Time Stamp technology and the Date/Time stamp must be clearly visible on photo of entered fish. You must present Tournament Judge with your camera and photo must be on a removable photo storage card. Storage card must be clear of all photos except those taken on the day of event. Judges will not filter through non event photos. No printed photo of fish will be allowed to be entered. All contestants not in the Top Three winners of each tournament must email entry photos by 5 PM of the day after the event weigh in of each tournament or contestant will be given a ZERO SCORE in that tournament. Exact fishing times will be announced at the Captains Meeting. Launch sites are on the tournament page of each event. Featured launch sites must be used by contestants. Contestants may request additional launch sites PRIOR to close of EARLY REGISTRATION.



By registering as a USER on the official KFC website, you agree and understand the rules set forth for the 2013 Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing Classics, Kayak Fishing ClassicS, Inc. event and agree to the following Release of Liability. PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING:

In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the TBKFC, Kayak Fishing ClassicS, Inc. fishing tournaments for the year 2015 the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:

1. The risk of injury from the activities involved in tournament fishing does exist, and
2. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my participation and
3. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of participation, and
4. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless and agree not to sue, the Tropic Bay Kayak Fishing Classics, Tropic Bay Guides Inc., its officers, officials, agents, and/or employees, sponsors and advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lesser of premises used to conduct the event.

I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK OF AGREEMENT AND THE RULES GOVERNING THESE EVENTS, FULLY UNDERSTAND THERE TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT AND SIGN IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT. I further agree that by typing my name in the provided space of the electronic entry form constitutes your legal signature and is the same as you singing this agreement by hand.

Waiver of Liability Form:
By clicking Submit you are waiving your rights to litigation and give up your rights to sue. By clicking Submit you also acknowledge that by doing so constitutes a legal signature and that you are at 18 years of age. You herby acknowledge that this event has possible dangers from the water, man, machine and or beast, weather including lightening, storms and wind.