Kayak Fishing ClassicS - 2016 Tampa Bay Classic Results

Submitted by Michael Christopher on Mar 17, 2016 - 2:31pm

"Check out the latest dispatch from Kayak Fishing ClassicS to get the results of their https://www.rapidmedia.com/kayakangler/categories/news/7419-kayak-fishing-classics-2016-tampa-bay-classic-results.html:

The Kayak Fishing ClassicS opened the 2016 tournament series in Tampa Bay, Florida with the Tampa Bay Classic 2016 Gulf Coast slam. Anglers were busy chasing slams and needed to catch a redfish, trout and a snook to score the slam which is difficult at best. Then factor into an anglers efforts the need for 3 of the biggest fish possible to compete, the weather, cool water conditions which can slow the bite and you have a foreboding challenge.

The anglers were allowed to fish anywhere in Tampa Bay to make it even more competitive and allow anglers to choose areas away from the wind if it were to arise. Did I say if? The weather was forecast to be a Chamber of Commerce day however if you know anything about Tampa Bay you know to be prepared for anything weatherize. The 5 to 7 kts wind prediction was spot on…for awhile. As the sun heated the atmosphere conditions bubbled up and the wind started moving around at a 12 to 15 kt pace with some interesting gusts from time to time. This along with the tidal movement of course, moves the baitfish and the sport fish follow. Finding a productive, calm area is key and some anglers seem to be very good at this…their catch logs confirm it.

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