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The "iAngler Tournament" system is a comprehensive system for the operation and management of fishing tournaments, hunting competitions, cleanup events, and research projects. The "iAngler Tournament" mobile application allows registered particpants to log their data while still on the water or in the field.

Fishing clubs, tournament directors, conservation organizations, and research institutions can easily host tournaments and events. Our state of the art technology allows tournament managers to select participant input fields used for scoring – for example, the length or weight of the fish caught, the composition of the trash collected, or the beard and spur lengths for wild turkey. Event managers can choose these and many other design features.

Participants and friends will also enjoy monitoring the "Live Leaderboard" on the tournament webpage and/or the iAngler Tournament mobile application.

Every fishing tournament hosted in the iAngler Tournament System contributes to Angler Action Foundation conservation initiatives by collecting data for each logged fish. The data is scrubbed and shared with research organizations, universities, and fishery managers. This platform is backed by over a decade of experience collecting recreational catch data, in addition to years of research experience and consultations with fishing clubs, tournament directors, avid anglers, and marine biologists.

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You can also email us at with the details of your tournament and contact information. You'll be contacted by one of our event specialists to answer your questions and guide you through the setup process.