Gulf Shores High School Fishing Team

Gulf Shores High School Fishing Team

This is the seriesl page for the Gulf Shores High School Fishing Team. We are starting a team for 7th-12th graders for the upcoming school year--2017-2018. Instagram, Twitter, and website on the way. Please like & share with everyone you know!

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Currently Running Tournament(s)

GSHS Summer Angler 2017

Here are the Stars of this series along with the number of fish they caught:
  Lee Rodgers
17 Fish
Points 85.00
Tournaments 1
  Vivian Mendez
16 Fish
Points 83.60
Tournaments 1
Davis Stevens
5 Fish
Points 54.00
Tournaments 1
Reese Owens
3 Fish
Points 40.00
Tournaments 1
  Tate Terrill
3 Fish
Points 37.00
Tournaments 1
Logan Wiese
2 Fish
Points 28.75
Tournaments 1
Upcoming Tournaments
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Past Tournaments
None of the tournaments have ended yet.