2019 River Center’s Junior Angler Tournament


2019 River Center’s Junior Angler Tournament

Sunday, June 30, 2019 to Saturday, August 3, 2019
Ages 5-7
Ages 8-10
Ages 11-13
Ages 14-17
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Target Sub-species: 
Barracuda - Great Barracuda
Bass - Large Mouth Bass
Blenny - Hairy Blenny
Bluefish - Bluefish
Sun Fish - Bluegill
Bonefish - Bonefish
Catfish - Bullhead Cat Fish
Catfish - Channel Cat Fish
Catfish - Gafftopsail Catfish
Catfish - Hardhead Catfish
Catfish - Walking Catfish
Chub - Bermuda Chub
Cobia - Cobia
Cowfish - Scrawled Cowfish
Damselfish - Cocoa Damsel
Damselfish - Sergeant Major
Damselfish - Dusky Damsel
Damselfish - Night Sergeant
Dolphin (Mahi)
Drums and Croakers - Croaker
Filefish - Unicorn Filefish
Filefish - Whitespotted Filefish
Groupers - Coney
Groupers - Goliath grouper
Groupers - Red grouper
Groupers - Rock Hind
Groupers - Black Grouper
Groupers - Graysby
Grunts - Black Grunt
Margate - Black Margate
Grunts - Bluestriped
Grunts - Caesar
Grunts - French
Grunts - White grunt
Bowfin - Bowfin
Bonita - Bonita
Carp - Grass Carp
Gar - Florida Gar
Flounder - Gulf flounder
Jacks - Almaco jack
Jacks - Atlantic Bumper
Jacks - Bar
Jacks - Crevalle jack
Jacks - Palometa
Jacks - Rainbow Runner
Jacks - Yellow Jack
Knifefish - Clown Knifefish
Kingfish - Gulf Kingfish
Ladyfish - Ladyfish
Mackerels - King mackerel
Neeedlefishes - Needlefish
Exotic - Mayan Cichlid
Mojarras - Yellowfin Mojarra
Mojarras - Mojarra
Mojarras - Flagfin Mojarra
Mojarras - Mottled Mojarra
Mojarras - Silver Jenny Mojarras
Parrotfish - Princess Parrotfish
Parrotfish - Rainbow Parrotfish
Perch - Warmouth Perch
Permit - Permit
Pinfish - Pinfish
Pompano - African Pompano
Pompano - Florida Pompano
Pompano - Irish Pompano
Porgy - Grass Porgy
Porgy - Jolthead porgy
Sheepshead - Sheepshead
Porgy - Spottail Pinfish
Porgy - Littlehead Porgy
Porgy - Silver Porgy
Pufferfish - Bandtail Puffer
Pufferfish - Southern Puffer
Remora - Remora
Sea Bass - Sand Perch
Sharksucker - Sharksucker
Sharksucker - Whitefin Sharksucker
Sleepers - Bigmouth Sleeper
Slippery Dick - Slippery Dick
Snappers - Lane snapper
Snappers - Cubera Snapper
Snappers - Gray snapper
Snappers - Schoolmaster
Snappers - Vermilion snapper (baseball bat)
Snappers - Yellowtail snapper
Snappers - Mutton snapper
Stingray - Yellow Stingray
Stingray - Atlantic Stingray
Tilapia - Spotted Tilapia
Tilapia - Blue Tilapia
Triggerfish - Ocean Triggerfish
Tunas - Little Tunny (Bonito)
Mosquito Fish - Mosquito Fish
Filefish - Scrawled Filefish
Bigeyes - Glasseye Snapper
Tilefish - Sand Tilefish
Flying Fish - Atlantic Flying Fish
Threadfins - Atlantic Threadfin
Kingfish - Gulf Kingfish
Scorpionfish - Scorpionfish
Whiting - Whiting
Lizardfish - Lizardfish
Shiners - Golden Shiner
Bigeyes - Atlantic Bigeye, Catalufa Toro
Porgy - Saucereye Porgy
Catfish, saltwater - Brown Hoplo
Oscar - Oscar
Croaker - Atlantic Croaker
Catfish, saltwater - Sailfin Catfish
Sardines - Seminole Killifish
Sardines - Spanish Sardine
Sardines - Scaled Sardine
Rays - Cownose Ray
Mojarras - Slender Mojarra
Cichlidae - Black Acara
Cardinalfish - Flamefish
Bass - Peacock Bass
Cichlidae - Midas Cichlid / Golden Cichlid
Spadefish - Atlantic Spadefish
Tilapia - Mozambique Tilapia
Halfbeak - Ballyhoo
Porcupinefish - Striped Burrfish
Shark - Scalloped Hammerhead
Mackerels - Atlantic Cutlassfish
Tilapia - Blackchin Tilapia
Reef Shark - Reef Shark
Eel - Green Moray Eel
Eel - Spotted Moray Eel

Sara Duggan, (561) 743-7123
Mail: rivercenter@lrecd.org

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2019 River Center’s Junior Angler Tournament

The Loxahatchee River District’s River Center, in partnership with Fishing Headquarters, is delighted to announce the 6th Annual Jr. Angler Fishing Tournament. The contest is run over the course of several weeks instead of just a single day of competition so that you can enjoy more fishing! In addition, the contest awards points not only for the number of fish caught, but also for the number of different species represented in the submissions. The more fish you catch and the more species you catch, the better your chances are to win! These innovative guidelines encourage contestants to spend time throughout the summer exploring the diversity of habitats and fish species in the Loxahatchee River Watershed and throughout our Palm Beach and Martin Counties. The tournament is open to anyone between the ages of 5 and 17, but registration is required before submitted photographs can be awarded points.

$25 USD
Individual Angler

Palm Beach or Martin Counties

Tournament is over

Website: www.lrdrivercenter.org/events-calendar/fishing-tournament/


"Logging Your Catch" Instructional Video
1 year 4 months ago
Welcome to iAngler Tournament - Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard
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Events & Schedule

Captain’s Meeting - Pick up lanyards

06/29/2019 11:30 AM

River Center

Fishing starts

06/30/2019 06:00 AM

All submissions must be entered by midnight on Saturday, August 3rd

08/03/2019 12:00 AM

Fish Fry and awards ceremony is Friday, August 9th at 6:00 p.m.

08/09/2019 06:00 PM

River Center



Jocelyn ONeill
Sara Duggan
Rachel Frankhouser
Albrey Arrington
Samantha Warwick
Christopher Danley
Marisa Hart
Megan Harris
Joseph DiFeo
Christel Murdocco
Colton Murdocco
Cameron Burlage
Peyton Goodberlet


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


2019 Jr. Angler Tournament – Registration, Rules, and Releases

Tournament Format and Registration:

• All participants must register online at https://ianglertournament.com. Visit the River Center if you need to complete your registration in person.
• Participants are required to create an iAngler Tournament account on https://ianglertournament.com or download the iAngler Tournament app to your smartphone.
• It’s easy to participate! Between June 30 and August 3, 2019 when you catch a fish, be sure to snap a selfie that includes the junior angler, the 2019 River Center lanyard, and the fish. Then use our online form on https://ianglertournament.com/ to submit the details of your catch and the associated photo (photographic evidence is mandatory for a fish to count in the tournament). If you want to participate and don’t have access to the Internet, please contact the River Center for assistance. You MUST be registered before submitted entries will be counted.
• The tournament is open to anglers between the ages of 5 and 17.
• Anglers are scored on the diversity and quantity of their catches. The more fish you catch and the more species you catch, the better your chances are to win.
• Species will be verified by a panel of fishing experts.
• Registration is open until August 1st.
• $25/per child to participate – includes a t-shirt, gift bag, and two tickets to the “Tournament Fish Fry & Awards Ceremony” at the River Center, Friday, August 9th at 6:00 p.m.

Rules and Regulations:

• Registered anglers are scored by submitting photographs and information about their catch. Photos must include the angler with their catch and a 2018 River Center lanyard to be counted toward their total score. Lanyards may be picked up at the River Center at 805 North US Highway One, Jupiter 33477 at the Captain’s Meeting on Saturday, June 29th at 11:30 a.m.
• Please contact the River Center if you would like to receive lanyards by mail.
• We encourage anglers to maintain a “Fish Log” (sample attached) and the photos to help us work through any scoring discrepancies.
• Points will be awarded per the diversity and quantity of catches. Anglers will receive one (1) point for each individual fish, and two (2) points for each species captured during the tournament. (We will manually add “bonus” points for each species weekly.)

Example: An angler submitting photographs of two (2) Mangrove Snap


Disclaimer Click to Read

River Center Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

By signing the entry form, all participants acknowledge that they have read, understand, and will abide by all tournament rules and regulations. As legal parent/legal guardian of the named minor, I hereby consent to his/her participation in the River Center’s Jr. Angler Tournament and claim responsibility for this minor. Even though many safety precautions exist, there is always potential to be injured, bitten, or scratched when exploring nature and working with wild animals. Fishing activities occur on or near the water, and the risk for serious injury and drowning exists. It is important that you understand and accept these risks before registering your child for the River Center’s Jr. Angler Tournament. I accept all risks inherent to the programs at the River Center, including the additional risks that exist when working with or around wild animals, exploring the outdoors, and traveling to offsite locations and do hereby release the River Center, Friends of the Loxahatchee River, the Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District, as well as their directors, officers, agents, employees, and members from all liability for injury during the program activities. It is further understood that the River Center is not responsible for the loss of personal property. I understand that my child is expected to maintain appropriate behavior. If my child is having difficulty in this area, I understand that I will be notified and may be asked to remove my child from the program without a refund of payment. I also understand that I may be asked to provide a copy of my child’s birth certificate as verification of their age. I have read the risk factors listed above and this waiver, and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and I have signed it of my own free will.

River Center Photograph Release Form

By signing the photographic release below, you are agreeing to allow photographs of yourself, and minors accompanying you, to be used by the Friends of the Loxahatchee River (Friends), the Loxahatchee River District (LRD), and the River Center. If your picture has been taken in reference to a particular program, your name will be used in connection with the photograph(s) and may be associated with your name/your company’s name/your organization’s name.

I GIVE MY PERMISSION, without restriction, for consideration received, for the above mentioned agencies (Friends, LRD, River Center) to take, reproduce and publish, in all media including electronic formats known or unknown, photographs of me, or to have this done on its behalf. I understand that these photographs may be used, in whole or in part, in informational, educational or commercial publications of any kind (including without limitation, electronic publishing), by the Friends of the Loxahatchee River and its agents.


1. I will not have any right to inspect the finished work or product or to approve its use.

2. Ownership of the originals and all copies belongs to Friends and its agents. This includes all rights to use, not use, or dispose of the photographs, in any manner whatsoever.

3. The agreements in this Release are legally binding and cannot be changed by me or someone who has been given my rights.