Pasco Anglers Maximo

Saturday, April 10, 2021

Tournament Rules

A. Sportsmanship: It is expected that each angler practice good sportsmanship in all you do.

B. Safety: It is a requirement that life jackets MUST be worn at all times when the big motor is on. Captains should ensure that they have all the safety equipment as required by the U.S. Coastguard.

C. Launch Time: The Tournament Director and/or the Co-Tournament Director will determine safe light and the start of the tournament.

D. Late Arrivals: Everyone is expected to arrive on time to a tournament. If you are going to be late to a tournament, you must contact an Executive Committee parent prior to the designated arrival time to inform them of your planned participation.

E. Boundaries: All boundaries will be designated by the Tournament Director and Co- Tournament Director at the final meeting prior to the tournament and/or prior to tournament launch.

F. Front of Boat Time: Each junior angler is to be allowed equal time at the front of the boat.

G. Qualifying Catch: A qualifying catch is considered to be:

a. The angler MUST bait the hook, cast the line, set the hook, reel in and land the fish. The co-angler and Captain MAY assist in the netting of the fish.
b. The Captain may fish during the tournament; however, they are NOT allowed to set the hook and hand the pole to an angler. If this happens the angler will be disqualified from the tournament and forfeit any points from the tournament.
c. The Captain may assist in helping an angler that is struggling with tying a hook and may suggest how to bait a hook, but they CANNOT assist with the successful landing of a fish.
d. The Captain MAY suggest baits to use, however it is up to the angler to know how to use said bait. The Captain cannot show an angler how to use said bait with the angler’s pole.

H. Communication: During tournament hours, competitors cannot use a cellular phone or any other type of communication device for the purpose of locating or catching fish.

Use of cell phones by captains and student anglers is prohibited during the tournament. Captains and/or anglers may use cell phones to communicate emergencies only. All boats are required to have a cell phone and must provide the club with the number of that cell phone in case of an emergency or to notify of bad weather conditions. Any use of a cell phone or any other communication devices to exchange fishing information is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification. In the event of an emergency, all boat captains should call 911 first and then notify tournament officials.

No obtaining of coordinates from another angler inside and/or outside of the club will be tolerated.

I. Alcohol / drugs: No alcoholic beverages / drugs will be present at any club event. Possession of alcohol / drugs will cause immediate removal from the club. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

J. Rule Violations: All protests must be presented to an adult executive committee member before the scales are closed. The Tournament Director and Co-Tournament Director have final call on violations and disqualifications.

K. Insurance and Liability: The club shall assume no responsibility or liability for injuries, damage, or theft of personal property during any club function. The club will not pay for insurance covering any individual member, as this is a not-for-profit club.

L. Fishing License: Any member 16 years old or older must provide a copy of their fishing license to the Adult Tournament Director. The valid fishing license must be kept with them during the tournament.

M. Dress Code: Club jerseys are to be worn during tournaments. If a member does not have a jersey, other appropriate fishing attire may be worn. Shirt and shorts/pants must be worn at all times during club events.

N. SpecialSituations/BreakDowns:Studentanglers/boatcaptainsmaynotdeparttheboattoland fish or make the boat more accessible to fishing waters. Captains and anglers must leave and return to the official check in point by boat.

There will be special consideration in the event of an emergency. In the event of an emergency, the captain/non-injured angler(s) should use their best judgment on how to handle the situation, however, once determining the course of action the captain and/or one of the anglers MUST notify one of the executive committee members. The executive committee member notified will assist as much as possible and be back at the designated boat ramp to assist as necessary.

If an angler is injured during a tournament the angler may return and fish from land with the presence of an executive committee member. Fish caught without the presence of an executive committee member will not be considered in the weigh in of the tournament.

For freshwater, the angler’s current catch will remain with the boat captain and angler. The captain and angler will ensure, to the best of their ability, to keep the said fish alive.
For saltwater, the angler’s current catch will be submitted by the captain at weigh in.

If returning to the tournament for freshwater, the angler must keep the fish alive until weigh in. For saltwater, the angler must have a club supplied ruler, tournament token and an executive committee member must assist in the measuring and the taking of the picture in order for the catch to be considered in weigh in. If possible, the angler may be ‘moved’ into another boat to continue fishing.

If the angler cannot return to the tournament his/her catch will count in the tournament and will place according to their catch at the time of the emergency.

Tournament Rules Specific to Saltwater:

A. Photo equipment: Saltwater tournaments are picture weigh ins. Anglers are responsible
for providing their own digital photo equipment. (ONLY Digital Photos Allowed) Pasco Anglers will not provide any special equipment with which to photograph or view. All photos turned in for judging will become the property of the tournament. Smartphones are accepted – you will be asked to text the photos at the weigh-in. In case of a tie, the longest fish will win, if there is still a tie, we will use the 2nd longest fish etc.

B. Measuring device: Photos must be taken with an official Pasco Anglers measuring ruler & plainly visible in the photo.

C. Qualifying Species:
Black Drum, Cobia, Flounder, Grouper (all), Mangrove Snapper, Permit, Pompano, Red Drum (Redfish), Seatrout (any), Snook, Spanish Mackerel, Sheepshead, Tripletail

D. Qualifyingpicture:Picturesmustbetakenwithnoseoffish,facingleft,flushagainstthe tournament ruler with pinched tail. Picture needs to include the entire fish and clearly show the overall length. ALL NUMBERS ON THE RULER MUST BE VISIBLE.

E. Tournament token: A tournament token will be will be given the morning of the tournament. This token is your “tournament indicator” and MUST be included in all photos. If the token is not shown in the photo, photo will be disqualified. Token must be turned in at weigh in.

F. Determining Points: A point will be earned for every inch of the fish as shown on the club provided ruler, plus points as listed below:

a. Red Drum (Redfish) and Snook = 15
b. Seatrout (Any) = 10
c. All other qualifying species = 5

An example: An angler catches a redfish that measures 20”; they will earn an additional 15 points and their total points for this fish will be 35.

An additional five extra points will be given to any angler that catches a qualifying fish over the size of the Pasco Anglers ruler.

G. Size limits: No slot size is not required for photo release.

H. Bait: Your choice. Should you want live bait please be sure to bring money. Shrimp usually run about $3 - $4 per dozen. It is not the responsibility of the captain to supply an angler with shrimp.

I. Species Possession: Every Captain should be familiar with or have access to the rules applying to saltwater governed by the state laws of the body of water that is being fished. There is to be no fish kept and brought in that is not legal. Non-legal fish will be disqualified from the tournament if brought in on a boat.

J. Fish retention: Fish that are legal as governed by the state laws of the body of water that is being fished is allowed to be brought in and taken home. This only applies to a saltwater tournament.

K. Weigh-In Time: Weigh in will be at 3:00 p.m unless otherwise determined by the Tournament Director, CO- Tournament Director and/or other Executive Committee Member. To be OFFICIALLY marked as returned, you MUST return your tournament float to the designated Executive Committee Member. The penalty for being late is the smallest fish will be eliminated from the angler’s weigh in. After 15 minutes angler will be disqualified.

L. Food and drinks: Every angler is responsible for bringing his/her own food and drink.