KCKF 2020 #5 Pike and Walleye Event

Monday, September 21, 2020 to Sunday, November 29, 2020


Kingston Canoe and Kayak Fishing Online Tournament


1. Participation and Eligibility

The KCKFs on the Water Tournaments are open to all anglers in Ontario and Quebec provided they meet the requirements and regulations stated herein.

Liability Release and License Requirements

  1. All participants must read and fully understand The Liability Release Form before their first event.

  2. The Liability Release Form is available in the “Files” section of the KCKF Facebook page, available for download from the Tournament page on iAnglertournament.com and can be made available by e-mail by request and ​MUST​ be electronically signed.

  3. By registering and paying the entry fee, the angler thereby agrees that he/she/other has read and fully understands the tournament rules (this document)

  4. All participants must have a valid provincial fishing license for the event and follow all municipal, provincial, and federal rules and regulations based on where they are fishing.

2. Entry Fees and Payment.

Registration will be done through the iAnglertournament.com event page either from a PC or through the phone app (available on android and iOS). The entry fee will also be processed through www.iAnglertournament.com.

The cost of entry is $50.00CAD.

The $5.00USD service fee for iAnglertournemanet.com will be deducted from the $50.00CAD Entry Cost

$30.00CAD is contributed to the main prize pool

The remaining funds will be added to the Biggest Fish Pools of each species.

3. Prizes

First Place ​for each species will be awarded 25% of the prize pool

Second Place for each species p​lace will be awarded 15% of the prize pool

Third Place for each species will be awarded 10% of the prize pool

There is also a prize for the Biggest Walleye and Biggest Pike submitted. All participants are eligible to win the Biggest Fish prize.

There are additional prizes to be awarded in addition to any prize monies and virtual raffle tickets (TBD).

If there are less than 5 participants in any given event, the 1st place winner will be awarded the full pot.

4. Rules

  1. ONLY angler powered kayaks, canoes, and SUPs (Stand Up Paddleboards) will be allowed. No gasoline, electric motors, sailboats, airboats or air tubs. Accommodations can be made for special needs anglers on a case by case basis and are at the discretion of the tournament directors.

  2. All fish must be caught from your kayak. You are not permitted to leave your kayak to fish from shore or wade.

  3. For online tournament events you may fish anywhere in the provinces of Ontario and/or Quebec that you are legally allowed to enter.

  4. Only commercially available artificial baits/lures/flies are approved fishing methods. Homemade lures and flies will be permitted so long as they adhere to provincial fishing regulations.

  5. Rod and Reel, and Fly Rod and reels are the only acceptable devices. Nets of any kind (IE dip nets, casting nets, etc) are not permitted. Landing nets are permitted at the anglers discretion.

  6. Any one fish can only be submitted once.

  7. Tournament start times will begin at 6:00am on the first day, and end at 7:00pm the final day. All photo submissions must be made by the closing time on the final day of the tournament.

5. Scoring

  1. Challenger’s photos will be judged and scored by a panel designated by the tournament Directors.

  2. Photos that do not meet the requirements will not be counted.

  3. Measured length should be clearly visible. All fish will be scored by 1⁄4” (one quarter inch) increments, rounded down. IE, if a fish is 18 and 1⁄8 inches long, the fish will be scored as 18 inches. If it is at 18 1⁄4 inches the fish will be scored as 18.25 inches.

  4. Submission lengths will be rounded down to the nearest 1⁄4. Lengths will never be rounded up.

  5. Should the length of a submission exceed the length of the measuring device, the maximum visible measurement on the board will be used as the score.

  6. The Tournament organizers will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photo as unacceptable

  7. Photos will not be altered from their original state before submission. This includes the file name and timestamp information recorded by your device. If the original filename and/or timestamp information is suspect in any way the photo will be deemed unacceptable for scoring.

  8. In all submission photos the fish entered must appear to be fresh and free of any obvious mutilation or mishandling. If two fish of the same length are submitted they must show evident signs of distinction
  9. The measuring device used will display a numerical inch marking that is clearly visible, a black line where the bumper meets the board, and should have a sticker or marked “x” on the bumper.

  10. Images that are blurry, out of focus, under/over exposed or otherwise difficult to accurately score will be disqualified.

  11. Each angler will be issued the Event Identifier Code. This identifier ​MUST be fully visible ​AND​ legible in each submission photo.

  12. Event Identifier Codes will be issued ​NO LATER THAN​ 10:00pm the night before the first day of an event for pre-registered participants. Those who register after the event start date will be assigned UI’s after payment has been confirmed.

  13. Anglers are allowed to submit as many entries as they wish throughout the duration of the event.

  14. The 5 (Five) submissions with the longest verified lengths will be used to tally each anglers final score for each species

  15. The longest virtual stringer will be awarded 1st place and so on.

  16. In the event of a tie, the angler with the longest fish will be awarded 1st place and 2nd place will be awarded to the other.

6. Photo Criteria

  1. Submission photos must include the entire fish.

  2. Fish must face ​LEFT​ with its dorsal fin facing ​UPWARD

  3. The mouth of the fish must be closed. ​A 1⁄2 inch deduction will be issued for any submission where the mouth of the fish is open

  4. Tail must ​NOT​ be manually pinched

  5. The fish must be visibly unharmed

  6. Markings on the measuring device must be clearly visible and legible

  7. Photos must be taken from directly above the fish, not at an angle

  8. Assigned identifiers must be clearly visible in the picture without obstructions.

  9. For Online BASS events, approved measuring device brands are as follows:

    1. Hawg Trough

    2. Ketch

    3. Rapala

  10. For All other events any factory made measuring board is acceptable

Rules are subject to change and updates at the tournament organizers discretion

Questions can be asked in the tournaments “Event” section on Facebook or by e-mail to ​kingstoncanoeandkayakfishing@gmail.com

7. Revisions

For the purpose of transparency, any revisions made to the KCKF Online Tournament Rules will be listed below by date.