2020 NCLA - Fish Like A Girl Tournament

Thursday, October 1, 2020 to Tuesday, December 1, 2020



  1. All Fish Like A Girl (“FLAG”) entrants participate at their own risk. All Lady Anglers, who are registered for the 2020 Fish Like A Girl Tournament, are eligible to participate. All participants must pay a FLAG registration fee of $50.

  2. The entire responsibility for correctness of any official entry form rests solely on the entrant. The FLAG Committee reserves the right to change dates and times of the tournament. All decisions of the FLAG Committee are final and not subject to challenge.

  3. Participants must comply with State of Florida Rules and Regulations and Florida Fish and Wild-life Conservation Commission (FWC) saltwater fishing regulations. All FWC rules and regulations governing the recreational harvest of fish must be followed unless otherwise modified in these rules. If a FLAG registrant is required to be a recreational saltwater license holder, their license must be current to be eligible for any FLAG tournament prizes, and their license must be effective no later than the time of entry into the tournament. All participants agree to be bound by the terms of these FLAG Rules, and the Release and Indemnity Agreement.


  5. The Tournament will begin at sunrise on Thursday, October 1, 2020, and end at sunset on Tuesday, December 1, 2020.


  7. Fish entered into competition for prizes must have been caught and landed by the registered participant. All fish entered into competition for prizes must have been hooked and caught by the contestant on rod, reel, hook, and line. Fish caught on artificial, live baits, or dead natural baits are eligible. When fishing from a boat, trolling, drifting, and anchoring are permitted. Fishing is also permitted from docks, piers, seawalls, tributaries, shorelines, and bridges, as is wade fishing. While trolling, drifting or still fishing, a rod secured in a rod holder may hook a fish; however, the angler who initially touches the rod from the rod holder must thereafter continuously fight and land the fish without assistance from any other person. Assistance from any other person is limited to netting the fish caught by the participating angler.


  9. FLAG boundaries are the territorial waters of the Gulf of Mexico, the Atlantic Ocean, and Florida Bay for the State of Florida and U.S. federal waters, from the boundary waters of the Florida/Alabama border extending seaward, eastward and then southward along the Florida gulf coast, to the waters of the Florida Keys, and then northward to the common boundary waters of the Florida/Georgia border extending seaward in the South Atlantic. All of the waters of Everglades National Park, as defined by the National Park Service, are included in the tournament boundaries, as are all west and east coast bodies of water, including bays, harbors and tributaries. Fish taken outside of tournament boundaries, from private impoundments or other waters not legally accessible to the general public, will not be eligible for entry. Anglers are prohibited from fishing in Bahamian, Cuban, or other non- U.S. waters.


  11. All entries must be electronically submitted using the required tournament protocols, either by a direct upload using the I Angler Tournament official smart phone application or by using the Nature Coast Lady Angler’s website and accessing the 2020 FLAG Tournament Link within 24 hours of each catch. Each entry must include a digital photograph of the fish on the Nature Coast Lady Angler’s official 2020 FLAG Tournament Token. The entire fish must be clearly seen with its nose on the zero line, providing visibility of total length. Electronic submission of all tournament entries must also include the tournament division, species, length, time, date, name of angler. Each entry can be submitted in only one tournament division. Failure to properly complete an electronic entry will result in entry disqualification. All fish entered shall be photographed and entered only once and only one fish per participant, per division, per species, per day may be entered in the tournament, except for in the Conservation Division. Winning entries must be verified by a member of the FLAG tournament committee. Participants may be required to provide additional information by the FLAG committee (including, but not limited to, additional images from the same camera that was used for tournament photos). The Nature Coast Lady Angler’s and/or the FLAG Tournament committee reserve the right to reject any entry. Any intentional falsification of information provided by the registered participant will lead to immediate disqualification of the entry, and the angler will be disqualified for the remainder of the 2020 tournament. Failure to comply with these rules will result in the forfeiture of any and all prizes. All committee decisions will be final.

    All winning fish for all tournament prizes shall be determined by a drawing. The drawings in each division will be made from all verified entries made during the FLAG tournament. All tournament participants must use the Nature Coast Lady Angler’s official 2020 FLAG Token when submitting any entry.

    Information from tournament entries will be processed by the FLAG Tournament Committee. Participant will receive an automated email reply after each entry is submitted, confirming the entry has been received by the FLAG tournament.

    Spotted Trout, Snook and Redfish have to meet minimum size requirements to qualify for entry in all divisions except for the Conservation Division, using the FWC prescribed measurement required for each species. FWC minimums for these species are: 15” for Spotted Trout (total length using the pinch-tail measurement method), 28” for Snook (total length using the pinch-tail measurement method), 18” for Redfish (total length using the pinch-tail measurement method).

    The official 2020 FLAG Token will be available and can be obtained (after 9/25/20) at:

    Captain’s Meeting – Friday, September 25, 2020 at 6:00 PM
    Elegant Pelican, Crystal River Country Club 7395 W. Pinebrook St, Crystal River, FL 34429

    Moore’s Bait and Tackle – 9687 W. Fort Island Trail, Crystal River FL 34429

    Hook-Line & Sinker Bait & Tackle – 144 Hwy 40 W, Inglis, FL 34449

    Ozello Marina – 2355 S. Ripple Path, Crystal River, FL 34429 (Ozello)

    Or contact: Lori Davis: 352-348-0743 - gldavis352@gmail.com

    Rita Ranize: 352-459-2553 – mamaredo237@gmail.com

  12. No transfer of fish among Tournament participants shall be allowed.

  13. No frozen, spoiled, gutted, or altered fish will be eligible for entry. Mutilated fish are not eligible for entry.


  1. Any lady angler who is registered in the tournament is eligible to enter qualifying entries in the 2020 NCLA FLAG Tournament.

  2. Eligible species are Spotted Trout, Snook and Redfish. These species are subject to minimum length requirements outlined in Rule 7. Entry picture must include fish and an official 2020 FLAG Token. All entries must be submitted consistent with the provisions of Rule 7. Prizes will be awarded by drawing from all verified entries in each Division.


  1. All registered 2020 FLAG participants are eligible to participate in the Conservation Division. Any species of fish of any length caught by FLAG participants are eligible for entry in this division. Entries must follow the exact provisions of Rule 7. All fish must be photographed with the official 2020 FLAG Token and all FLAG anglers are required to follow FWC rules for handling each species. Each entry must include an accurate measure of the fish entry. Fish entered in other divisions are not eligible for entry in the Conservation Division. Winners of the Conservation Division will be determined by a drawing.


  1. All prizes for all 2020 FLAG divisions shall be awarded at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. Specific prizes for each tournament division and category shall be chosen and awarded by the Tournament Committee. Participants shall be eligible to win only one prize in this Tournament.

    Tournament participants may only enter a fish in one division, which must be chosen at the time of electronic entry. Prizes will be awarded to winners during the FLAG Award Ceremony. If any winners of prizes are not present at the Awards Ceremony, their prizes will be available to be picked up through contact with the FLAG Committee, or will be shipped if possible. The FLAG Committee retains sole discretion to award all FLAG prizes.