2020 Fish For A Cure

Saturday, November 7, 2020

New for 2020:

Due to the impact of Covid-19 in our community, the 2020 Fish For A Cure Tournament will be held in a virtual format. For the health and safety of our participants and so that we may keep social distancing guidelines outlined by the CDC in place, this year’s F4AC Tournament will be Catch & Release only and supported by Coastal Conservation Association Maryland.

The virtual 2020 Fish For A Cure Tournament utilizes the iAngler Tournament smartphone application platform.  This platform allows participants to carefully release their fish after taking a picture for submission.  Careful catch and release of the largest rockfish caught is recommended.


    1. Fundraising
      The Fish for a Cure (F4AC) is a tournament to raise money for the survivorship program at the Geaton and JoAnn DeCesaris Cancer Institute at Anne Arundel Medical Center. All entries are expected to raise at least $1500.

    2. Entry Fee
      $500.00 per boat (for the Captain and up to three additional anglers) $150.00 per additional angler.

    3. KAYAKS
      A four-angler Kayak team may register as one boat. The four-angler Kayak team will be afforded the same privileges and be required to abide by the same rules as any individual registered boat.

    The Chesapeake Bay and its Tidal Tributaries.

    6:30 am – 5:00 pm- Deadline for photo submissions through the iAngler app is 5:00pm on Saturday, November 7th.


    • Striped Bass / Rockfish – 4 longest fish stringer caught by a team

    • Perch – Longest 5 fish stringer caught by a team

    • Grand Slam – Longest of 3 unique bay sport fish species caught by a team.

    • Sport fish species include but are not limited to: Rockfish, Perch, Bluefish, Spot, Pickerel, Red Drum, Black Drum, Cobia, Speckled Trout, Croaker, Flounder.

    • Non-sport fish bay species, such as Menhaden, Clam, Eel, Crab, etc. are not eligible.

    • Tournament officials reserve the right to disqualify any fish that they deem is not a true bay sport fish.

    • Invasive Species – Longest stringer of invasive catfishes and/or snakehead with no limit on the number of invasive species entered.


    • A single, clear and readable photo of your catch should be taken against the 48” 2020 Fish For A Cure ruler. This will be provided to you in your captain’s bucket.

    • Tournament participants will be provided a tournament identifier after sunset on Friday, November 6th via email, iAngler, and on Fish For A Cure’s Facebook page. The Identifier must be visible in all pictures and may be printed out, drawn on a hand or ruler, or be made visible in all pictures of fish. FOR SAMPLE IMAGE CLICK THIS LINK: https://www.ccamd.org/CPRsample

    • To properly measure a fish, place it directly next to or on top of the ruler, w/ the nose towards the zero mark. Any length of fish beyond the zero inches mark of the ruler will not count towards the official length.  Rulers MAY NOT be modified in any way, but it IS RECOMMENDED that a fish be placed against a bulkhead, or attached to a board to allow the snout of the fish to be even with the zero mark.

    • No fish below the legal size limit may be entered.(<19″ for Rockfish)


    • Any fish caught longer than 48” should be photographed next to the ruler.

    • The overall fish length will be judged based on the image you provide from the snout to the tip of the tail. The tail may be pinched.

    • Judges reserve the right to disqualify any entry and have final say in determination of fish length by a 2/3 majority vote.

    • Tie breaker determined by time of entry or when stringer length is achieved.

    • Tournament officials reserve the right to examine the embedded metadata of any photo image to confirm the validity of picture. Photos with edited or missing metadata may be disallowed at the judge’s discretion.

    • Judges may ask to view the original image on your phone or camera.  Failure to provide an original image may result in disqualification.

    • Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any participant’s ruler before, during, or after judging and disqualify any catch if a ruler modification is suspected. Failure to present the ruler to judges at their request may result in disqualification.


    • All anglers and fishing teams will be preregistered in the iAngler app after the F4AC Captain’s Meeting on November 4th.

    • Pictures shall be submitted via the iAngler Tournament smartphone app – Deadline for photo submissions through the iAngler app is 5:00pm on Saturday, November 7th.

    • Time will be determined by the iAngler Tournament server clock.

    • In case of a tie, the team reaches the stringer length first based on time submitted is the winner.

    • Teams must confirm that their catch has been recorded properly, and can do so through the iAngler Tournament Scoreboard throughout the day.

    • As a LAST RESORT Participants with technical difficulties may text message photos of catch to David Sikorski at 443-621-9186, or call to troubleshoot during fishing.


    • Participants enter the Tournament at their own risk and discretion.


    • A registered angler may protest any other registered angler’s catch by filing a written protest to the tournament committee within 30 minutes of the end of the lines-out period. The judges committee will settle any protest and their decision will be final.

    • Failure to comply with any rule or regulation of the tournament, or law, rule or regulation of Maryland State Fishing guide, may cause the disqualification of an angler or the anglers catch. If a registered angler is so disqualified, their boat will not be entitled to any prize, award or refund.


    • All participants and guests of participants are responsible for their own personal safety and the security of their personal property and expressly assume any and all risks to their personal safety and well-being, as well as their personal property, as a result of their participation in the tournament. It is a pre-condition of participation in the “Fish For A Cure Tournament” that all participants shall release and hold harmless anyone associated with this tournament from any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses, personal injuries, wrongful deaths and property damage, of any nature whatsoever, arising from or during participation in the Fishing Tournament. By electing to participate in the “Fish For A Cure Invitational Tournament”, all participants agree to, and grant, this release of liability and shall not be permitted to withdraw or disavow that release of liability.