2020 WTKF - Lake Alan Henry

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Important Rule Changes for 2020

Entry Fees/Payouts

Entry Fees


Payouts for each event will be based on the number of anglers that participate and can be changed at any time by tournament director. Please see the payout structure here. 

Payouts if nobody catches a fish.

Payouts if only one person catches a fish.

Payouts if only two Anglers catch fish.


General Rules

360 Light Requirements

Approved Watercraft and propulsion requirements

If you have a question about if your watercraft is a legal vessel please see the FAQ's and if you still have any doubt contact the Tournament Director before the day of the tournament.


Practice and Lake Off Limits

No guide services 30 days prior to tournament date. You may not pay for guide services on the lake 1 month prior to the tournament day.

Inclement weather policy

Catch Photo Release (CPR) Requirements

You must submit all fish via the iAngler App. See how to here.

We will have help at weigh ins if you are having issues with cell phone service and/or issues with the app. If you are going to need assistance please make plans to be at weigh ins early.

Catch Photo Release photo requirements


Fish Species Allowed

Other CPR requirements


Rules Violations

Any rules violations being reported must be reported to the Tournament Director before the weigh ins begin. This is to prevent somebody from accusing somebody of a violation just because they won. If you see a violation of a rule take a pic as evidence and notify the Tournament Director as soon as your cell phone service allows you to.