Saturday, September 21, 2019


  1. Fish date: September 21, 2019. Rain or shine. Entry Fee: $1,500.00 per team (boat and captain provided) $1,000 (no boat or captain provided). No refunds or cancellations due to weather. Tournament hours will begin at 0900. Tournament entry pictures must be submitted by 2:59PM through iAngler app provided to each captain.

  2. Every participant must be registered, and/or any changes made no later than the Heroes Welcome Party, September 20, 2019.

  3. This tournament is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Professional guides are allowed to fish this tournament carrying passengers for hire.

  4. Species for this tournament will be: SEE SPECIES LIST

  5. Prizes will be based on the MOST POINTS ACCUMULATED. Point System

  6. All species will be photographed by the boat captain with the provided poker chip. Images sent without the provided poker chip will not be validated.

  7. Ties will be broken by 1st fish image sent in.

  8. The boundaries for this tournament will be to the south not to exceed Cortez bridge boundaries to the west not to exceed Egmont Key, boundaries to the north not to exceed Howard Park. (Ocean, bays, rivers, inlets and creeks). Ponds or impoundments are illegal to fish.

  9. Fishing will be done with rods and reels only. All fish must be caught on the day of the tournament. A net may be used to land fish into the boat or to catch bait. You may leave the boat to catch bait only. No fishing from land.

  10. Any attempt to bring in an illegal fish, presenting any fish with cuts or puncture wounds, judged by the tournament committee as having been inflicted in an attempt to gig or capture the fish, will immediately disqualify the participant.

  11. Only ONE fish per species per team/boat will be allowed for entry in each category. Each team is responsible for deciding which one fish of each species is to be photographed. All fish will be photographed in their natural condition.

  12. All coolers and live wells are subject to inspection.

  13. All Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) and U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations apply to licensing and vessel operations. Anyone receiving a violation during the tournament hours is subject to disqualification. Unannounced visits or inspections by FWC officials may be expected at any time during the measuring.

  14. All protest must be presented to tournament officials within 15 minutes after tournament ends and will be acted on immediately. All decisions of the Tournament Committee are final.

  15. Awards for each species:
    1st Place- 30MM MOAB plus Championship Belt
    2nd Place- 50 CALIBER BULLET
    Biggest fish caught
    Smallest fish caught