Battle of the Boats

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Tournament Rules

1. This is a BOAT tournament only;

2. The token will be posted on the Salty Fishing Club Facebook page before 7am;

3. Maximum number of people per boat is 6;

4. Participants must complete, sign and submit a Battle of the Boats Registration Form;

5. All persons on boat must be registered and pay;

6. Only persons 14 and under are free;

7. Completed Registration Form along with the correct Entry Fee must be turned into to the Salty Fishing Committee.
Entry Fees are non – refundable;

8. This is a BOUNDARY tournament - all fishing inside the Skyway Bridge only;

9. FWC rules apply throughout the tournament;

10. Lines in the water at 7.00am;

11. This is a picture only tournament via iAngler App;

12. All pictures must be submitted by 3.30pm;

13. Awards’ Ceremony will begin at 5.00pm at the Salty Shamrock;

14. If in the event of a tie – breaker the placers will be based on time stamp;

15. 100% payout for top 3 boats

1st Place 60%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place 10%