2019 Rockwall Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

Saturday, July 13, 2019

City of Rockwall Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament Rules and Standards

* Fishing and photos must be at/in Phelps Lake from 9:30am-11:30am on July 13
* Participants may get out of Kayak as long as:
* They leave their PFD on
* They stay in the designated areas of the shore-line
* Only bass will be considered in the competition - other species of fish do not count
* Participants must wear PFD at all times
* Fsh cannot appear to be dead, appear to be mutilated, or altered in any way - otherwise the photo will be discounted.
* Participant must catch the fish, place it on the measuring board, photograph the fish through the iAngler app, and then release the fish back into the lake.
* Participants may not receive help from 3rd parties during the competition
* Bass may only be caught using rod, reel, or line - there will be no allowance of traps, snares, set lines, or other methods of fishing.
* Competitors may share any equipment with each other, though every participant must have PFD
* Only one rod, reel, or line may be used at a time by each participant
* This is a kayak bass fishing tournament, and thus only kayaks are permissible water vehicles
* Towing is not permissible except for in emergency situations
* Every photo must be clearly legible and visible - the whole fish must be on the board and the tail must be flat against the measuring board
* Hands may only be over main body of fish and cannot cover the caudal fin, lips, eye, or gills
* PFD may only be briefly removed in order to remove a shirt, but then must be immediately placed back on
* Kayak cannot be underway
* Lines may not be in the water
* Participant is over the age of 12