Bob Brunner Memorial Musky Trolling Tournament, Lake St. Clair Muskies Inc, Chapter 58

Saturday, June 1, 2019


LSCMI will continue with the same multi-divisional tournament style events held in 2019 which
includes a casting division and a trolling division. Anglers must select their division at the time
of registration and are limited in angling technique based on their selection.

One member per team, preferably the boat captain, must register for and download the “Iangler
Tournaments” mobile application. Once tournament fees are paid, the registering angler will be
given the password for the specific tournament. This app will provide up to the minute scoring and
keep improper fish lots to a minimum. This app is also available for web viewing and has more
detailed information on the website. Should the tournament officials elect to utilize a different
mobile application, participates will be informed during the captain’s meeting and registration.

Our hope is that this style of tournament will accommodate those who decide to participate in our
tournaments by leveling the playing field and increasing convenience.

• Casting and trolling divisions Calcutta - $35 fee per angler.
• The number of anglers per boat must be given when registering. If an angler cannot participate in
the tournament after registering, the captain of the boat must notify one of the tournament
directors prior to the start of fishing.
• One jig board per team is required. Jig boards are required to be certified by tournament
officials prior to the start of the tournament (unless otherwise determined by officials). Each jig
board must have a certification sticker on it that is viewable in all pictures.
• Captains/anglers that feel they have “placed” in the event will be required to attend the photo
verification “weigh in” event with their certified jig board. Jig boards will be recertified at
weigh in.


• Fishing hours: hours are 6AM to 4PM with weigh in at 6PM. Times are subject to change seasonally
due to light conditions or weather factors.

• Photo verification: verification is completed through the approved event mobile application.
Anglers must utilize the approved application to allow for a digital log of their catch. Photos
should always be taken with the device first and then uploaded to the app so that the original
photo can be referred to as necessary. The original electronic photo along with the originally
certified jig board must be brought to weigh in for any teams registering potentially winning fish.
• Weigh In: weigh in will be done through photo verification using the approved app and/or the
original catch photos. Weight will be held at 6PM the evening of the tournament. All photos must be
in high resolution.
• Catch and Release: this is a catch, photo, release tournament. No minimum sizes, longest fish
wins. Jig boards are required. Fish are to be measured with the back facing the jig board, have the
mouth closed, tail squeezed for maximum length. Take your photo. Photo must clearly show all
necessary information in order to win prizes. If the fish is not properly photographed there will
be no prize awarded. No exceptions can be granted.
• Lottery Number Verification – all jig boards are to be certified and the certification sticker is
to contain the Michigan Lotto Daily Three number from the evening prior to the start of fishing. A
space will be provided on the verification sticker for this number to be recorded. This number and
sticker are utilized in place of object scoring to allow tournament officials to participate in the
fishing event. All photos taken of fish must include this sticker & number. Photos of fish to be
registered must be clear, high resolution photos of the entire length of the fish on the jig board
and must include the sticker and number in them. No exceptions. A text may be sent out to anglers
and/or captains after the captain’s meeting to confirm the lotto number.
• First, Second, and Third Awards – in all divisions a minimum Calcutta payout using a 54/27/9
formula will be awarded to the teams registering the three longest fish. Additional non-cash prizes
may be awarded. In the event of minimal participation, the awards may be adjusted to a “winner take
all” payout. Anglers will be contacted if such a change is considered. Winners are determined by
the fish’s total length. Each team can register multiple fish. The top three longest fish payout.
Teams may take more than one place. I.e. if a team catches the longest fish and the third longest
fish, that team would be awarded for first and third place.
• No ties – in the event of a tie in length, the first fish registered through the app or submitted
to a tournament official, will be deemed the winner.
• Trolling or Casting/Jigging – each team is restricted in angling method based on the division
they have entered. Fishing is allowed in all of Lake St. Clair, the St. Clair River, and the
Detroit River. Any boat entered in the tournament as a casting boat shall at no time be under main
engine or kicker motor power while fishing. Any boat that has entered in the trolling division
shall at no time be casting or jigging.

• Standings – will be provided live through the app as time, conditions, etc., permit. Due to
cellular service ranges, roaming, app delays, standings may not be accurate throughout the
tournament. In the event of technical difficulties, teams may text their catch reports to
tournament officials. All teams are strongly encouraged to utilize the app for logging all fish and
tracking catches, regardless of current cellular data service. Even if a submission through the app
fails to send, it is time stamped by the phone and sent when service is reacquired. Should
submissions be required to be sent via text, the text must include a photo, the length of the fish
and the time caught. The original electronic photo must be available along with the jig board at
weigh in.
• All federal, state, local, and international laws must be followed as applicable. This includes,
but is not limited to the MDNR, and OMNR
• The top three fish will place. As standings are subject to change based on registration timing,
cellular data service, etc., all teams who caught fish are strongly encouraged to attend the weigh
in. Additionally, in cases of other standing changes or disqualifications teams with the next
longest fish will need to be present to receive their award.
• Measurements – the measurement that the captain calls in is what stands once the photo is
verified by the judges. I.e. if a captain calls in a 54 inch fish, but the photo verifies it is a
54.25 inch fish, the original 54 inch call stands. This is to encourage accurate reports. No more
than 1/8th inch tolerance will be given to miss measured fish. All fish should be measured to the
nearest 1/8th inch.

All decisions of the LSCMI tournament directors shall be final. Please note that at the time of
this release, all rules displayed here are considered accurate, but LSCMI reserves the right to
modify these rules at any time for the betterment of the event as may be necessary due to
conditions, unforeseen circumstances, etc. All rules and decisions are made, held, deliberated, and
to be followed in the overall spirit of the event and its intended purposes.

Documentation: To accomplish the organization’s scientific and conservation goals, it is highly
encouraged that ALL muskies caught during the event are logged into the app regardless of their
size. For each fish landed, the following information must be recorded: name of the angler who
landed the fish, a photo, a jig board length, date landed, time landed, water temperature and water
depth (some required information may be subject to change depending on the event and at official’s
discretion). Logs will be made available to the local biologists for use in conservation efforts.

Photos: All teams are strongly encouraged to take several photos during the tournament. As noted
above, photos of all fish are encouraged to be taken. Additionally, photos of

anglers holding fish “glory shots”, photos of each team, boats, etc., are strongly
encouraged to be taken and shared with tournament officials for future marketing efforts.

All anglers participate in this event at their own risk. Anglers agree to hold LSCMI and all
tournament affiliates harmless from any issues arising out of participation. Additional liability
related documentation is required to be signed as part of registration.
Contact Information
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the following LSCMI Board Members:
Dave Lagman (248)721-3781
Charles Legarski: (586)873-9154
Brad Koehn: (586)275-9438