TKAA - Flounder Tournament

Saturday, June 1, 2019 to Friday, June 14, 2019

Rules and Regulations

A. Participation is open to anyone 18 Years of age or older. Minors are eligible to register and participate with a parent or guardian who also participates in the event or signs permission. Minors must have the signature of his or her parent or legal guardian on the entry form as applicable to any state, commonwealth, county, or federal regulations or law. The obligation to know these rules falls upon the parent.
B. A completed online entry and entry fee
C. Watercraft defined by the manufacturer as a kayak and sold as a kayak
D. Each competitor must have an approved measuring device (See 8.B for additional guidance)
E. Digital cameras or Phone for recording scoring fish (See section 12 for requirements)
F. A valid Virginia Fishing License

Cash prizes will be awarded for the largest fish of target species. See section 11 for scoring criteria.
A. Award amount will be subjective to participation. An 80% payout of all profits collected from registration fees adjusted based off participation.
B. Winners will be based on the combined scores for the longest 2 fish that are submitted an validated.


Launching can begin at designated time (provided at time of registration). All entrants wishing to enter fish must submit their pictures to tournament by 11:59 PM on end date.

In the event someone registers AFTER the official start date, they will not be allowed to enter fish for 24 hours after official enrollment time. In the event someone registers AFTER the official start date, they will not be allowed to enter fish for 24 hours after official enrollment time. Any attempt to circumvent this ruling, the catch will be DQ and the angler will be subjected to tournament disqualifications as determined by the Tournament Directors.

The use of mobile communication is allowed.

All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and conservation. Intoxication will be cause for immediate disqualification. No alcoholic beverages or the use of illegal drugs is allowed. This rule extends through and includes signing of the check-in form at tournament headquarters (if applicable). The illegal use of drugs, participation in any criminal activities, or other conduct reflecting unfavorably upon efforts to promote safety, sportsmanship, fair competition and compliance with tournament rules and the law are grounds for disqualification and/or rejection of any applicant from participation. This will also entail the return of any prizes awarded. The TKAA Tournament Committee will seek legal remedy if necessary.

A. All fish must be caught on rod, reel, line and hook with artificial lures. No traps, snares, set lines or other methods of fishing other than rod, reel and line are permissible, even if level under state game laws.
B. Acceptable measuring boards include the “Hawg Trough” manufactured by Hagen’s, a FishStik Version 2 (with Bump Board Arrows and Lock Slide) and the Ketch Co Measuring Board. Measuring boards may be shortened removing inches from the upper end (opposite the fence) For example; one may cut a measuring board off at the 26 inch mark in order to fit crossways between a watercraft’s gunwales. However, it may not be broken, snapped, or cut apart and then reassembled at any point between the two ends. A crack that does not separate the measuring board into pieces and does not affect the measuring board’s accuracy may be repaired and reinforced for use. Violation will result in denial of photo.
C. Each competitor must have a mobile phone with camera or a digital camera with memory card and/or download cable to submit digital photographs.
D. Nets and grippers (e.g., Fish Grip, Boga-Grip) may be used for landing fish during tournament competition, but grippers must not remain attached to the fish in photos.
E. Only artificial lures, biodegradable artificial lures may be used. No live bait, preserved bait, or prepared bait will be permitted during competition, with the exception of pork strips or rinds.
F. Only ONE casting, spin-casting, spinning, or fly rod and reel may be in use at any one time. A hung lure that is not in or on the water is not considered in use and may be set aside while another is in use. Other rigs as specified above may be in boat ready for use; however, only ONE is permitted in use at any given time.
G. If a Competitor breaks his line while setting the hook or retrieving a fish, he is allowed to make an attempt with the rod being used or by hand to secure the line and land the fish to be counted as legal. He may NOT hook the line with another lure, rod and reel, or other device. If a Competitor loses his rod and reel while landing a fish he MAY use another rod and reel to retrieve the lost outfit. If that rod and reel is verified to be the lost outfit that and the fish is still hooked, it may be landed, photographed, and submitted as a legal fish.
H. Competitors are allowed to share baits and tackle at all times.
I. During the hours of competition, contestants may not obtain or receive assistance, including but not limited to following a non-competitor's boat, the placing of markers by any non-competitor, towed by or riding on motorized vessels or electronic, voice or data communication from a non-competitor.
J. Contestants may not leave the boat to stand or to wade while fishing.

9. Watercraft & Propulsion
A. Only fish caught from kayaks, canoes, paddleboards or other acceptable watercraft are eligible for scoring. Acceptable watercraft is defined as any watercraft defined by the manufacturer as a kayak, canoe, or paddleboard and sold as such.
B. TKAA Tournament Committee must approve in advance any other craft, paddled or otherwise propelled. No gasoline/electric-powered boats, sailboats, jon boats, float tube, pontoon boat, or similar craft will be permitted. For questionable craft that may not qualify, contact TKAA Tournament Committee in advance for eligibility determination.
C. Trolling is permitted as long as the Competitor adheres to the one-rod rule (8.F, above).
D. The use of motherships (i.e., transport or assistance from a powerboat in moving locations) is NOT permitted. Assistance from powerboats is permitted only in emergencies, as when pulling a kayak from a danger zone or restricted area. Fishing may resume following emergency assistance only if no appreciable relocation occurred.
E. Competitors may not fish from watercraft operating with gasoline/electric propulsion (or any other fuel source). Watercraft permitted for use during competition are limited to those propelled by paddle, or pedal.
F. TANDEMS/SHARING. It is permissible for more than 1 entrant to share the same watercraft. However each paddler must pay and compete as a single angler. They must also have their own camera, their own picture of the vessel at put in on their camera roll, and is scored separately. Fish may NEVER be shared among entrants.

There is absolutely NO FERRYING (i.e. using another vehicle or boat, motorized or not to transport your kayak to a fishing location while on the water.)

Fishing is permitted anywhere in the State of Virginia.

Participants must use their own digital cameras/Phone for recording scoring fish, and a card reader will be used to download pictures.
A. If smart phones are used, GPS and date MUST be turned on and used. This information must able to be retrieved by tournament staff (failure to do so will result in all pictures taken with that device ineligible).
B. If cameras are so equipped with GPS and/or date feature, this must be enabled and set with the current date and time.

Digital photographs of fish submitted to judges for scoring must meet these criteria:
A. Legible. Photo must be clear enough to read identifier, including required ID codes and marks, and judge the length accurately. After carefully examining photo details and cross-referencing other photos submitted for scoring by the same angler in the same event, if the event judge is NOT able to verify with 100% confidence that the Identifier Form and ID Codes or Marks in the photo are valid for both the competitive event and the competitor, then the photo will be denied.
B. Official TKAA Tournament Committee Identifier Form placed where it does not cover the fish eye or prevent measurement verification. An image of the unique identifier on a smart phone is not acceptable.
C. Competitor’s kayak clearly visible
E. Fish, as depicted below:
i. Facing left on a Hawg Trough, left side of the fish visible, dorsal fin toward the top of the photo
ii. Mouth completely closed with jaw and/or lips touching the Hawg Trough “fence.” Position camera lens directly over the center of the fish’s body to aid judges in determining that fish’ mouth is closed and in contact with the fence. Photos judged to have been taken deliberately at an angle in order to make the fish appear longer may be disqualified at the Tournament Director’s discretion.
iii. Tail centered and in a relaxed, un-pinched condition and its tip in contact with the Hawg Trough. Regardless whether or not fingers are squeezing the tail, if the tip is less than 50% as wide as the base, or the longer lobe of the tail is compressed over 50%, that tail will be considered “pinched” and should be spread before photographing to avoid a point deduction.
iv. To confirm that the fish is alive, the fish’s eye must be uncovered in the photo. Photos of fish that appear to be dead, mutilated, frozen or similarly damaged will be disqualified without scoring. Photos of fish that appear to have been mangled, mashed, mauled or otherwise altered in ways that increase their length will be disqualified or approved for scoring at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
v. No restraining device, clip, or band may be used to secure the fish being photographed. Securing the fish with any portion of a hand under the fish’s gill flap is prohibited.
vi. All photos become property of the TKAA.

A. The tournament is a catch, photo, and release format. Species division winners will be determined by the length of the combined longest 3 fish. Scoring fish must also be filled out completely and correctly, failure to do so will result in penalty or disqualification.
B. Fish length is determined by its tail touching or crossing a quarter-inch line on the Hawg Trough. If it falls short of a line, the length is rounded down to the nearest 1/4-inch mark that the fish’ tail actually touches or crosses. Pinching the tail or angling the fish to achieve additional length will not result in a higher score and may result in deduction in length.
C. In the event of an exact tie in aggregate score, ties will be broken according to the time that the competitors’ last fish photo was officially checked in by the Judges. Should the last fish photo submission times be identical, then both Competitors’ highest single-fish score will be compared, and the higher score will be determining the outcome. If both Competitors’ highest single-fish score, too, is identical, then the second highest single-fish score of both Competitors will be compared, and so on until the tie is broken by the highest single-fish score.
D. Grading criteria: the following standards in approving or disqualifying photos, and in accepting or adjusting lengths.

Item Criteria Penalty
Photo Blurry photos will be scored at the highest mark of which there is no doubt n/a
Photo Photo that is too blurry to judge at all DQ
Photo Photo appears to be second-generation (photo of a photo) DQ
Photo Photo submitted before or after event date and time limits DQ
Photo GPS photo tag or other evidence indicates photo was uploaded out of tournament “permitted waters” zone DQ
Photo Multiple digital photos unintentionally submitted of the same fish DQ
Photo Multiple digital photos intentionally submitted of the same fish; fraud Ban
Orientation Fish is positioned with the head pointing to the right DQ
Orientation Fish is positioned with dorsal fin at bottom of photo, pelvic and anal fins upward DQ
Identifier Tournament Identifier missing, counterfeit, or incorrect for the event or competitor DQ
Kayak Competitor’s kayak not visible in photo DQ
Mouth Fish lip or mouth clearly not touching Hawg Trough fence (the upright end plate) DQ
Mouth Unable to ascertain with certainty that fish lip or mouth is touching Hawg Trough fence 1″
Mouth Mouth slightly open, but less than 1/8 inch 0″
Mouth Mouth open 1/8 to 1/4 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely. 0.5″
Mouth Mouth open 1/4 to 1/2 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely. 1.0″
Mouth Mouth open wider than 1/2 inch, even if it appears to be structurally unable to close completely. 1.5″
Body Restraining device, stringer, tape, or clip of any kind is attached to fish or being used to secure it. 1″
Body Any portion of a hand or fingers under the fish’s operculum (hard gill flap) DQ
Body Body off-center or curved so that one lobe of the tail extends 1/2 inch or more past the other lobe 1″
Tail Fingers are pinching the tail lobes together, or even without being constrained by fingers or a restraint the tail tip is 40% or less as wide as the tail base. 1″
Tail Tail lifted off the Hawg Trough; fish flapping tail so its tip is not in contact with the board DQ
Fish Any other fish than the species or varieties approved for the Competition DQ
Fish Fish appears to have been snagged, snatched, or hooked in the body rather than mouth DQ
Fish Fish appears to be dead, mutilated, frozen, mangled, or otherwise damaged so that it may not to have been taken according to the rules, or eye is covered so the condition of the fish cannot be ascertained. DQ
Fish Fish appears to have been mashed, mauled, or otherwise altered to increase its length DQ

A waiver and release of liability statement is part of the entry form. It is required of each contestant that they take responsibility for themselves while participating in any tournament activities.

Rule interpretation will be left exclusively to the TKAA Tournament Committee; all decisions are final in all matters and are not subject to appeal.

Any and all protests must be submitted in writing, 30-minutes before the end time of tournament. All protests will be reviewed by members of the TKAA Tournament Weigh-in Committee. All Committee decisions will be final and are not subject to appeal.

Fishing Tournaments In consideration of my entry being accepted for participation in the TKAA sanctioned events, I do hereby state that I understand that the purpose of signing this document is to exempt and release the Tidewater Kayak Anglers Association (TKAA), its agents, its endorsers and sponsors, administrators, successors, and assigns, including their officers, directors, members, operators, representatives, agents, insurers, successors, and volunteers, from each and every action and claim for damages, in law in admiralty, or in equity, arising from my association, entry or participation in the TKAA event. And hold these entities harmless from any and all liabilities arising as a consequence of the following, or any other acts or omissions on their part, including but not limited to negligence. I understand that there are inherent risks involved with paddle sports, fishing, wading in the water and swimming including but not limited to perils of the sea & or waterways, act of the other participants & adverse sea & weather conditions & I hereby assume such risks. I certify that my physical condition and training are adequate to enable me to compete safely in the TKAA events, and I acknowledge that I am familiar with paddling and the risk associated and I will not hold TKAA or their employees, agents, endorsers or other associated personnel or companies responsible if I am injured as a result of ANY problems (medical, accidental, or otherwise) which occur while paddling, fishing, or otherwise participating in the contest. I am also aware of the risks associated with the weather conditions that prevail on water at any time of the year: varying water temperatures, strong currents, choppy waters and marine animals. I also understand that pleasure and fishing craft share the waters and may be a danger. I specifically acknowledge that I am aware of the risks in Boating & Fishing and agree to assume those risks. If I should suffer illness or injury during the event I realize that medical care must be summoned & treatment will be delayed until I can return to shore & or be transported to a proper care facility. I agree in advance to these conditions. I will be present for the Captains meeting and be attentive to any information concerning conditions, which may cause me danger. If there is anything I have been told that I do not understand, I will immediately inform an official representative of the event. I authorize the officials of the event to use their discretion to have me transported to a medical facility and this Waiver and Release of Rights applies fully to such actions. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the sponsors of this event or their representatives to use any photographs, motion pictures, video tapes, recordings or any other records of this event for any purpose whatever including commercial use. I UNDERSTAND I HAVE A DUTY TO EXERCISE REASONABLE CARE FOR MY OWN SAFETY & I AGREE TO DO SO. I will immediately stop my trip if paddling conditions are worse than those for which I have been trained or for which I have experienced. Neither, TKAA nor its endorsers, employees, sponsors, nor agents have made any representations to me, implied or otherwise, that they can or will perform safe rescue or first aid. In the event I become distressed or call for first aid, I would like assistance and will not hold TKAA their employees, volunteers or other competitors responsible for their actions in attempting the performance of rescue or first aid. I understand I have a duty to inspect the equipment I will be using; I will not hold anyone other than myself responsible for my failure to inspect my equipment prior to paddling. I understand that I am entering this event at my own risk and assume all risk of the hazards and dangers associated with this event. I understand that the event may be cancelled or altered due to weather conditions. I agree to forever discharge and release TKAA, its member(s), endorser(s), agent(s), owner(s), agent(s), volunteer(s), and sponsor(s) from any and all responsibility or liability for any and all injuries or damages. I agree NOT to make a claim against or sue any of the above parties for injuries or damages, whether they arise or result from any NEGLIGENCE, GROSS NEGLIGENCE OR OTHER LIABILITY. I further specifically agree, on behalf of myself, my heirs, & assigns to & indemnify & hold harmless the released parties for any & all causes of action arising as a consequence of any incidents which might occur as a consequence of my participation in any activities with or involving the released parties.