Battle of the Bay 2019 - By Land Sea and Air

Saturday, February 9, 2019 to Sunday, February 10, 2019

Each team consist of two persons. Additional persons are allowed on boat but only two anglers are allowed to
touch rods Meal tickets are available for purchase but are optional for participants

Waters allowed to fish
NORTHERN BOUNDRY Fort Island Ramp Ozello, FL
SOUTHERN BOUNDRY southern tip of Gasparilla Island, FL
WESTERN BOUNDRY Two (2) Nautical Miles from shore (west Barrier Islands shore)
Public waters only
Lake Tarpon is excluded

Fishing Starts 7:00 am (0700) Saturday Oct 7, 2017
Meaning photo submissions can be made at that time with code given by tournament staff in picture at that time
All photo entries must have code clearly visible (as determined by tournament staff) within image of each entry

Fishing stops at 1:00 pm (1300) Sunday Oct 8
No photo submission will be accepted after that time

At 11:00 am (1100) on Sunday Oct 8, 2017 the Leader Board (which you will have access to prior to this time) will
go black being seen by only tournament staff. During this time there will be NO information given to anyone
(outside of tournament staff) pertaining to status.

Winners will be contacted privately and announced to the public at the awards dinner at the Banquet Hall at Sunset
Grill at Little Harbor in Ruskin, FL starting at 5:00 pm (1700)
Meal tickets available for purchase but are optional for participants

There will be three (3) divisions consisting of two person teams each (two anglers). Additional persons are allowed
on boat but only two anglers are allowed to touch rods

The Divisions are
MOTOR BOAT DIVISION using conventional/spinning gear
KAYAK/WADING DIVISION (non-motorized) using conventional/spinning gear.
Wading or land based teams are allowed in this classification
FLY FISHING DIVISION use of motor boat, kayak, or wading/land based is allowed
but only using fly fishing equipment with fly lures with no other bait allowed. Only flies.

All team member anglers must remain within sight of each other at all times While fishing

All fish must be caught with rod and reel as defined by FWC. No snag hooks are allowed however Sabiki rigs
are allowed.
All bait is acceptable for conventional/spinning gear.
Only Flies are acceptable for Fly Fishing classification
Fish scents, attractants, chum is allowed for all divisions

First place for each division is based on most individual Saltwater Species caught by rod and reel as defined
previously by FWC regulations

In case of a tie, winner will be determined by earliest time by first entered

At all times FWC regulations will be honored
Know which fish you can remove from water or not remove, it is your responsibility