2019 Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge

Friday, May 24, 2019 to Wednesday, August 7, 2019

2018 Lake Worth Lagoon Fishing Challenge
General Rules and Definitions


Between May 25 and July 8, 2018, when you catch a fish in Lake Worth Lagoon, take a photo that includes the fish and the assigned challenge identifier. The identifier will be posted on the 2018 FC website at the start of the challenge. Then, submit the photo and details of your catch.

Whether you fish once a month or every day, you could be eligible to win a prize. Anglers will be scored on the quantity of their catches, and will be entered into a prize drawing even if you only fished once during the challenge, regardless of whether a fish was caught.


All interested anglers must register online at iAnglerTournament.com to participate. Registration is open until midnight of the final day of the challenge (July 8, 2018). Anglers must register before entries will be counted. If no access to the Internet is available to an interested participant, they should contact the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management for assistance.


The challenge is open to anglers 5 years of age (as of May 25, 2018) or older. Staff members of the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management and their family members are not eligible for awards or prizes.

Anglers 5 to 15 years of age (as of May 25, 2018) are eligible for drawings and youth division prizes. Anglers 16 years of age or older (as of May 25, 2018) are eligible for drawings and adult division prizes.

Scoring, Categories and Prizes

Registered anglers are scored by submitting photos and information (detailed below) about the fish they catch during the challenge.

• Submissions must be made via the iAnglerTournament app or by signing into an online iAnglerTournament account prior to the close of the challenge. Catches made prior to the start of the challenge are not eligible for points.

• Photos must clearly show a profile view of the fish and include the assigned challenge identifier, posted to the FC website at the start of the challenge.

Anglers will receive one (1) point for each individual fish caught, logged and verified during the challenge. All catch and species identifications will be verified by a panel of fishing experts prior to awarding of points.

To receive 2018 FC points, anglers must log the following details with each photo submitted:

1. Acceptable photo (Photos that do not meet the requirements as stated above are not eligible for points)
2. Date of catch
3. Time of catch
4. Location of catch (GPS coordinates via app preferred; location information is gathered for habitat, not for sharing purposes)
5. Species caught (FWC Fish ID guide: http://myfwc.com/media/4042916/11IDFL2016.pdf)
6. FINALLY, if ALL 5 of the above “logging criteria” is correct, as verified by the fishing experts, 0.25 bonus points will be awarded for each correct entry.

Prizes will be awarded for YOUTH and ADULT Divisions in the following categories:

• Top Total Points NOTE: Points awarded in this category are limited to a maximum of 25 points per species (non-sportfish). Catches greater than 25 fish of the same species are not eligible for additional points.
• Sportfish Top Total Points NOTE: No tournament limit to any sportfish identified in this category. (Sportfish: Snook, red drum, spotted seatrout, tarpon, permit and bonefish)

Participants are encouraged to submit fishing activity even if they do not catch a fish. Eligibility in random prize drawings is not dependent on catching fish.

Additional prizes in the following categories will be awarded through random drawings based on the criteria defined below:
• Full Tournament Drawing – Anglers are entered into this drawing when they submit their first report of lagoon fishing activity during the challenge, whether they catch a fish or not. When someone reports that they went fishing, but didn’t catch a fish, that still provides valuable information related to the environment and fishing activity. For each additional day an angler submits a valid catch, they receive an additional entry for this drawing. Limited to one (1) entry per day per registered angler.
• Weekly Drawing – Anglers who submit a report of their lagoon fishing activity, whether they catch a fish or not, within a specific week during the challenge. Submissions must be made within the same week fished to be eligible. Limited to one (1) entry per registered angler per week.
Week 1: May 25 through May 31, 2018
Week 2: June 1 through June 7, 2018
Week 3: June 8 through June 14, 2018
Week 4: June 15 through June 21, 2018
Week 5: June 22 through June 28, 2018
Week 6: June 29 through July 8, 2018

Challenge Boundaries

To count toward prizes and/or drawings, fishing activity must take place and fish must be caught within Lake Worth Lagoon in Palm Beach County, Florida as defined below for the purpose of this challenge (also see map view):
• The northern boundary is Jack Nicklaus Drive/AIA in the town of North Palm Beach. (Also see note below regarding western boundary in North Palm Beach).
• The southern boundary is the Ocean Ridge Natural Area in Ocean Ridge, which is located a half mile south of the Boynton Bridge at Ocean Avenue.
• The eastern boundary is the inlet/inside side of the eastern end of the north and south jetties located at Lake Worth Inlet and South Lake Worth Inlet.
• The western boundary at the C-17 (Earman River) Canal is U.S. 1 in the town of North Palm Beach, at the C-51 (West Palm Beach) Canal and the C-16 (Boynton) Canal it is the eastern side of the spillway (water control structure) closest to the eastern end of the canal (the canal’s mouth). The western boundary where the water body narrows to the width of the Intracoastal Waterway in North Palm Beach is the Parker Bridge (U.S. 1).

Other Requirements

All participants must abide by all state of Florida laws including fishing-related (and boating-related, if applicable) rules and regulations. This includes the requirement to possess a valid Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) fishing license, unless exempt (e.g. Florida residents under 16, 65 or older). Visit www.MyFWC.com/Fishing and www.MyFWC.com/Boating for more details, including how to purchase a saltwater recreational fishing license [online: www.MyFWC.com/License; by phone: 888-FISH-FLORIDA (347-4356)].

All fish must be caught by hook and line, no netting, spearing or sabiki rig.
Submissions of photos and other data constitute a release for the Snook & Gamefish Foundation, the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management, FWC and its partners in the Lake Worth Lagoon Initiative to use them without compensation or further notice for research, information, promotion and other public purposes, such as posting on websites or via social media.

Additional Details

Fish do not have to be harvested for the purpose of this challenge. Participants are encouraged to practice catch-and-release and follow the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s fish handling guidance, especially related to species that are protected from being harvested.
Participants may also be eligible and wish to participate in the FWC’s Grand Slam tournament or the FWC’s Saltwater Reel Big Fish program by the following links:
Participants are asked to keep a measuring device/ruler on hand to ensure they report accurate measurements of their catches.
Anglers may save the email receipts they receive for each catch, and keep the photos on their phone or computer during the challenge, in the event of any scoring discrepancies.
Winners will be announced, and prizes and awards will be distributed, at the 2018 FC Awards Ceremony event on July 25, 2018 at 6:00 pm at the West Palm Beach Fishing Club.
It is the responsibility of every participating angler to know, understand, and abide by these challenge rules. Any participant who violates these rules will be disqualified. Only registered participants are eligible for points and any potential qualifying prizes. Participating anglers and their guardians, as appropriate, are solely responsible for their safety during the challenge, and safety should be the first consideration in all aspects of this challenge.