West Texas Kayak Fishing - Top 20 AOY Championship

Saturday, October 6, 2018


• Hawg Trough measuring device is mandatory requirement.  No exceptions. 
• All tournaments are 5 fish limits unless stated otherwise at weigh ins.
• See CPR requirements for photo requirements. Fish’s mouth can be open or closed. 

Entry Fees/Payouts

Entry Fees
• Each tournament will have a $30 entry fee.
• There will be a $10 big bass side pot that is optional. Winner will take all of Big Bass pot.


Payouts for each event will be based on the number of anglers that participate and can be changed at any time by tournament director.

Payouts if nobody catches a fish.
• All anglers that show up to weigh ins will split the entire pot evenly to the nearest dollar.  

Payouts if only one person catches a fish.
• The Angler that catches the fish gets entire pot for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place.

Payouts if only two Anglers catch fish.

• 1st place gets the 1st place pot. 2nd gets the 2nd place spot. 3rd, 4th and 5th place pot is split 50/50 between 1st and 2nd place. 


• If 2 positions are in a tie then the tiebreaker will be biggest fish. If all of their fish are identical in length then the pots are added together and split. For example if the tie is for 2nd and 3rd the two pots will be added together and split equally.

General Rules

• Life Jacket must be worn at all times during tournaments.
• If photo evidence is provided to the tournament director of an angler in their kayak without their life jacket (PFD) on it is an immediate disqualification. There are exceptions like if you are taking off a layer of clothes you can temporary remove your life jacket. IF YOU’RE IN YOUR KAYAK YOU BETTER HAVE YOUR LIFE JACKET ON!
• You will be given an identifier at the captain’s meeting. That identifier can be written on your hand or on a piece of paper. Whatever you prefer.
• All Anglers must agree and sign Liability Waiver prior to event.
• Attendance of the Captain’s meeting is required. If you can not make it get with the Tournament Director to work something out.
• All anglers will launch at the same time unless otherwise noted for Road Runner events.
• There will be a zero tolerance for Drug and Alcohol use. If you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol at any time during an event you will be disqualified immediately.  
• Texas Fishing License Required at all events. Get one here.

Approved Watercraft and propulsion requirements

• Kayaks and canoes are the only craft allowed. No aluminum flat bottom boats.
• One person per watercraft unless approved by tournament director before tournament day.
• Trolling motor are allowed. However you can not use them to troll with lure in the water. 


• Artificial lures/baits only. NO LIVE OR DEAD BAIT ALLOWED.
• Two rods allowed in use at any given time.
• Rod and Reel and Fly fishing is the only acceptable ways to land fish. No trot-lines or jugs.
• No downriggers allowed but trolling is permitted by human power only. Only one rod is allowed at a time if trolling.

Practice and Lake Off Limits

No guide services 30 days prior to tournament date. You may not pay for guide services on the lake 1 month prior to the tournament day.

Inclement weather policy

• Tournament director has the right to postpone or cancel the event due to inclement weather or inclement weather forecasted for tournament day.

Catch Photo Release (CPR) Requirements

Camera Requirements

• Camera phones are allowed. You must bring cable for tournament director to look at photos on laptop.
• GoPro Cameras are not allowed.

Catch Photo Release photo requirements

• Fishes head must be to the left and belly down. Entire fish must be in the photo. If the tail is not in the photo the fish will not be scored.
• This is an open or closed mouth tournament series. Make sure the lip of the fish is clearly touching the board. 
• Overhead photos only. Photos taken at angles will not be scored or penalized accordingly per the tournament directors discretion.
• Measurement marking must be clearly visible.
• Identifier given at Captains Meeting must be identifiable in every photo.
• No clips or fish grips can be in the fishes mouth while picture is taken. Fish will not be scored if the pic includes a fish with clip or fish grips in the fishes mouth in the picture.

Fish Species Allowed

• Largemouth Bass
• Spotted Bass
• Smallmouth Bass

Other CPR requirements

• Fish can not be on stringers. You can leave hook in mouth during picture as long as it does not interfere with picture of fishes lip touching the inches marker on board.
• Fish can be kept however deemed necessary if you think it is a ShareLunker of over 13 pounds and you plan on taking it to the TPWD. See details here for ShareLunker


• Fish must be a minimum of 12 inches.
• Each angler’s 5 longest scoreable fish will be added together for your final score.
• Inches will be used and rounded down to the nearest ¼ inch
• Angler with the most total inches will be declared winner. Second total inches will be second and so on. See rules for tiebreakers above.