Tailwaters Ladies Club Fly Fishing Tournament - Summer 2022


Tailwaters Ladies Club Fly Fishing Tournament - Summer 2022

Wednesday, June 15, 2022 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022
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Target Sub-species: 
Trout - Rainbow Trout
Trout - Brown Trout
Trout - Brook Trout
Trout - Cutthroat Trout
Bass - Small Mouth Bass
Bass - Large Mouth Bass
Redfish - Red Drum (Redfish)
Spotted Sea Trout - Spotted Seatrout
Flounder - Flounder

Madison Scarborough


Madison Scarborough

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June 15 - August 31, 2022

Participation is only available to paid TLC members as of tournament start date.

Welcome to the second annual Tailwaters Ladies Club Invitational! Our tournament is a remote event designed to give our members an opportunity to chase various species of fish while creating community through a shared passion. With friendly competition in mind, the Tailwaters Ladies Club hopes that this Summer event will continue to bring our Female anglers together. There will be a prize for the Freshwater and Saltwater winners.

Tournament Boundaries:

  • Anywhere in the world

Target Species:

  1. Freshwater - trout (rainbow, brown, brook, cutthroat), bass (smallmouth and largemouth)
  2. Saltwater - spotted red drum (redfish), spotted sea trout (speckled trout), flounder
  3. Other - any fresh/saltwater species, to be approved by Director (Madison) upon entry.
    Will be added to the angler’s fresh or saltwater ranking depending on the species
    submitted (ex. Carp to freshwater standing, Triggerfish to saltwater)

Scoring Guidelines:

  1. The photo of the fish has to be on top of a ruler where the numbers can be clearly seen.
  2. Only length will be counted towards your points
  3. Angler can submit as many catches as they want, within guidelines, for the duration of
    the tournament
  4. **1 point per submission + 1 point per inch**
  5. The winner of each division will be determined by your total points as of 9/1/22.

Tournament Schedule:

  • Captain’s meeting (6/15/22 on Zoom at 7:30pm CDT; the call link will be sent via email to all participants)
  • Lines out of water (8/31/22 at sunset)
  • Award Results will be sent via email on 9/1/22
    • Meetings will be held via Instagram Live on the @tailwatersladiesclub page
    • TBD times will be confirmed via our Instagram account one week prior to the meeting

Nonprofit we are collaborating with:

  • Fish for Change


  • $3,000 funds one young lady to join in on a Fish for Change Girls Week (ages 13 - 22) in Guanaja, Honduras)

Fish for Change nonprofit information:

  • Fish for Change takes students abroad each summer to Honduras, Bahamas, Mexico, and Costa Rica. Students come together with a shared passion for the outdoors and are placed in our immersive education programs. We learn through a place rather than about it. Throughout the course of our programs students create community around the sport of fly fishing they love with peers from all different backgrounds. We team up with local conservation groups to participate and learn more about how environments in different locations are struggling and how we can actively make a difference in our lives. We run scavenger hunts, home-stays, local scholarships, guide training programs, and create bonds with the communities we are in. We hold evening writing prompts and engaging activities that help students to think outside of the box. Our goal is to create a generation of anglers that hold qualities of empathy, open-mindedness, curiosity, and leadership.

Winner of the saltwater division and winner of the freshwater division prize:

  • TBD


$75 USD
Individual Angler

You can participate from any public location. Please check the event guidelines.

Register as Individual

Website: www.tailwatersflyfishing.com

Registration open from Wednesday, June 1, 2022 to Wednesday, August 31, 2022


"Logging Your Catch" Instructional Video
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Welcome to iAngler Tournament - Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard
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Events & Schedule

Captains Meeting

06/15/2022 07:30 PM

Virtual via Zoom (the call link will be emailed to all participants)

Lines in the water (first safe light)

06/15/2022 06:00 AM

Lines out of the water (at sunset)

08/31/2022 07:30 PM


09/01/2022 07:00 PM

Results will be sent via email



Madison Scarborough


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


Rules and Regulations

  1. Fish must be caught on fly rod and reel
  2. Entry must be paid in full as of 6/15/22.
  3. Catch and release only
  4. The photo submitted to record your catch must include a visible and verifiable ruler (soft or hard) appropriately positioned underneath fish, and the fly used to catch the fish. The front tip of the fish must be on the zero dimension mark and the length of fish will be determined by the end of the tail without pinching. Fork tails will be measured using fork length method.
  5. Only LENGTH matters, weight is not counted towards the angler’s standing
  6. No cheating, have fun! Tight lines!


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