2021 FGCU Fishing Invitational


2021 FGCU Fishing Invitational

Saturday, March 13, 2021
| Fishing Tournament
Spotted Sea Trout

FGCU Alumni Association



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FGCU Fishing Invitational

We are excited to announce the 2021 FGCU Fishing Invitational will be held on March 13, 2021!

Registration information will be available soon at:


$200 for 2 anglers
$75 for each additional angler

The Fallen Eagle Redfish Classic was created to honor the memory of Jesse Woodyard, an FGCU student who passed away in 2014. After many years of success, the Florida Gulf Coast University Alumni Association will now be hosting the annual fishing tournament, the FGCU Fishing Invitational, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the Jesse M. Woodyard Scholarship.

Scoring is based on the total combined length of one Snook, Redfish, Trout and Mystery Fish.

First place team takes home $3,000!

$200 USD
Team Event
Min: 1 Angler
Max: 4 Angler

Florida Gulf Coast UniversityFort Myers, FL

Tournament is over

Website: www.FGCUFishingInvitational.com


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Events & Schedule

Lines in the Water (Honor Start)

03/13/2021 07:00 AM

Lines out of the Water

03/13/2021 07:00 PM

All submissions must be uploaded by 7 pm via iAngler Tournament.

Winners will be announced on FGCU Fishing Invitational Facebook page

03/13/2021 07:00 PM



Kara Johnston
Michael Christopher
(214) 683-4743


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


• Prizes will be awarded based on the total combined length of one redfish, one snook, one trout and one mystery fish which will be announced at the Facebook Live event on March 12 at 7pm.
Tournament Hours
• All teams need to be registered and attend a Drive By Captain’s Party, March 11 or 12 between 3-6 pm.
• Lines in the water no earlier than 7 a.m. on March 13, 2020.
• Photos must be submitted via iAngler Tournament App or sent via text message to a Tournament Director.

Picture Submission Guidelines
• All photos are to be taken on the official tournament ruler given out at the Drive-By Captain’s Party.
• The nose of the fish needs to be on the zero inches mark, facing left with it's belly pointing down, and tail pinched at the fish's total length.
• Total length of each fish will be rounded up to the nearest quarter inch.
• Any fish longer than the official tournament ruler will score as the longest measurable length.
•Each team is allowed to submit as many photos as they like, but only their largest of each species will be counted towards their total score.
• In the event of a tie, the first team registered will be declared the winner.
• Photos not adhering to these guidelines will be ineligible for scoring.
• The tournament committee has the final decision on all scoring, prizes and disqualifications.

• All fish must be caught with rod & reel, hook & line. • All fish must be released.
• Both live bait and artificial lures are allowed.
• Wade fishing must be within 100 yards on your boat. • No cast netting or snagging of fish.
• No fishing boat ramps, marinas, fuel docks, bait docks or pet fish. • Follow all Florida boating and fishing laws and regulations.
• Be safe, use common sense and have fun!


Disclaimer Click to Read

Liability Disclaimers will be emailed separately to participants.