2019 Lonestar Throwdown


2019 Lonestar Throwdown

Saturday, October 12, 2019
| Fishing Tournament
Target Sub-species: 
Bass - Large Mouth Bass

DFW (North)
Duc Tran 817-966-5711

Austin (Central)
Eric Porter 512-577-7602

ETXKF (East)
Tyson Jeff 850-260-4949

WTXKF (West)
Valarie Grant

KASA (South)
Eric J Stevens 210-449-668

STKBL (South East)
Kris Morales

Duc Tran: Nissanfreak311@yahoo.com

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2019 Lonestar Throwdown

October 12, 2019
Possum Kingdom Lake

What started so many years ago as North vs South, has now turned into the premier freshwater kayak fishing tournament of Texas known as Lonestar Throwdown. Held on Columbus Day Weekend in October every year, this tournament is a chance for all the regions of Texas to come together for a fun event. Anglers are competing to be crowned the overall Best In Texas, but they’re also representing their regions. Not only are the regions competing for cash, prizes, bragging rights and the Lonestar Throwdown Cup, but they also get to choose the lake for the following year! There is always tons of great food and other activities during the weekend of the event, so come early and stay late. This is truly a one of a kind event with great partners and sponsors that you don’t want to miss. So we hope you come out this year, meet your fellow Texas anglers from around the state, and most importantly, have a great time! See y’all in October!

  • Low Entry - $45/$10BB Event
  • Open Event - Everyone is invited
  • Cash will be paid out per individual events with a 90% payout
  • 2019 Lake - Possum Kingdom Lake

The combined total of the top five anglers of each region will determine the Regional Best in Texas.

Prefishing is open until 7:00 PM Friday night before the tournament.

2019 Pre Party and BBQ Presented by Western Son Vodka will be held at Rock Creek Camp on Possum Kingdom Lake.

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, lets get ready for the 2019 Lonestar Throwdown!!!

This year, iAngler Tournament is donating their tournament hosting fees to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Foundation Inland Fisheries Management Program to insure the next generation gets to experience what we take for granted everyday!

$45 USD
Individual Angler

Possum Kingdom Lake, Rock Creek Camp201 Rock Creek Road, Graford, TX

Tournament is over

Website: www.ntxkc.org


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Events & Schedule

Pre Fishing Ends

10/11/2019 07:00 PM


10/11/2019 07:00 PM

Rock Creek Camp, 201 Rock Creek Rd Graford, Texas 76449


10/12/2019 05:30 AM

Rock Creek Camp, 201 Rock Creek Rd Graford, Texas 76449

Lines in the water

10/12/2019 07:00 AM

Lines out of the water

03/03/2016 03:00 PM

Last Fish Submissions

10/12/2019 04:00 PM


10/12/2019 05:00 PM

Rock Creek Camp, 201 Rock Creek Rd Graford, Texas 76449



Duc Tran
Steve Searle
Dan Onstot


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


2019 Lonestar Throwdown

With so many people this year asking me about the North vs. South, and showing interest in being more involved... we have decided to Evolve the event into something much bigger. This year we are changing it to the Lonestar Throwdown!!!

• The Lonestar Throwdown is open to ALL anglers provided they meet the Requirements and honor all Rules and Regulations listed below.
• There are NO membership fees or dues aside from individual event registration fees and optional side pots.
• Disabled or Special Medical Needs: Competitors will be allowed to use kayaks or canoes with maximum of 12V trolling motors, or Kayak Manufacturer Motors, for competitions with prior approval from Tournament Director.
• Tournament Director reserves right to seek verification such as a doctor’s note. Please contact the Tournament Director with ample time to make these arrangements. (SEE ADDENDUM ABOVE)
• Participants MUST attend the Captain’s Meeting. There will be only one on Saturday Morning at the announced time. You must verify that you are registered on I-angler, and have your hawg trough checked before you get your Identifier.

• ALL competitors must agree to a liability release prior to start of the event, this will be completed during your online registration.
• ALL competitors UNDER the age of 18 must provide a liability release signed by a parent or guardian before the start of the event. Parent or guardian must be present. This will be completed during your online registration.
• ALL competitors MUST have a valid Texas Freshwater Fishing License or be exempt under TPWD regulations.
• For current regulations and information on fishing licenses visit:

• ONLY human powered vessels will be allowed.
• Kayaks, canoes, rowboats, inflatable boats, paddleboats, stand up paddleboards are acceptable.
• NO gasoline or electric motor propelled boats, sail boats, airboats, float tubes, or poled boats maybe used.
• Only ONE paid entrant per vessel.
• NO pier/shoreline/wade/jug/trot line/hand line/cast or drag net/bow fishing allowed.

• This tournament is designated as “Roadrunner” event:
• Boats may be launched at any legal and public launch site on the boundary waters of that particular event.
• Competitors will be released at a specified time from Captain’s meeting. You may leave and drive once the captains meeting is over and you have been checked by the staff for PFD and Hawg Trough. You must attend the Captains Meeting, and you must adhere to normal Scoring and Weigh-in times.
• Transporting vessels/competitors via power driven boats (including towing) is strictly prohibited except in the case of an emergency as determined by the tournament director.

• ONLY artificial baits/lures/flies and hand-tied flies will be permitted.
• NO live or dead bait may be used.
• Rod and Reel and Fly Rods are the only devices acceptable.
• NO downriggers allowed, trolling under human power is acceptable.
• 1 rod/line in the water at anytime.

• PFD (lifejacket) MUST be worn at ALL times while on the water. NO exceptions. Violators will be immediately disqualified if spotted not wearing a PFD.
• Competitors must meet all TPWD regulations.
• Competitors must meet all US Coast Guard Regulations.

• NO competitors are to be within 10 yards of each other during fish-time; except in the case of emergency when assistance is required.
• NO fish are to be kept on stringers but using fish grips to secure your fish while you prepare to take your picture is fine.
• Any ONE fish can only be submitted ONCE.
• Fishing in OFF-LIMITS areas will result in disqualification.
• Captain’s Meeting attendance is MANDATORY TO RECEIVE YOUR IDENTIFIER.

• Emergency calls are permitted, and the Tournament Director is to be notified.
• Emergency, family, and employment related calls are allowed.
• There is to be NO electronic communication between competing anglers, or communication regarding fishing or the tournament during the competition.
• This rule is in place to cancel out any “unfair advantages” and the sharing of information that may create an unfair competitive advantage during the competition.

• ALL fish must be caught within boundary waters during the tournament time.
• ONLY the following species will count towards your total.
• Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Guadalupe Bass.
• CPR: Catch, Photo, and Release alive only.

• The Hawg Trough is the mandatory measuring device for all events.
• Competitors must use their own measuring device (no sharing)
• Your device may be checked by Mariner Sails staff at any time.
• If the judge cannot clearly see the markings, that fish will not be scored. At a minimum ¼ inch increments need to be visible. Consider marking your lines with a black sharpie on the Hawg Trough.
• Mouth Closed to Furthest Tip of Tail.
• There will be deductions for pictures submitted with mouth open.

• There will not be an off limits period. This is so anglers across the state can come in a day early and pre-fish.

• INCLEMENT WEATHER: The Tournament Director may delay, reschedule, or cancel the event.
• The first option will be a delay to be determined by the tournament director.
• The reschedule date for any event is the following day (same time/place/launch).
• If both days are rescheduled, the following weekend will serve as make-up event.
• If canceled or rescheduled, entrants can be refunded or have fee applied to next event.
• No refunds for prepaid entrants will be given for non-attendance regardless of the reason.

• Contestants Tournament Directors of Lonestar Throwdown and the sponsors the unconditional right to use their name, voice, photographic likeness and biographical information in connection with Mariner Sails tournaments, production, promotion, and/or articles and press releases, and shall not be entitled to receive any royalties or other compensation in connection with such use.

• DRUG and or ALCOHOL use during the tournament is strictly PROHIBITED.
• ANY competitor found to be under the influence will be disqualified and will receive a score of ZERO.

• All rules are decided and interpreted by the Tournament Director.
• Any protests should be registered with the tournament director immediately after the results being posted.
• The Tournament Director retains the right to make any changes at ANY time, and the FINAL decision.
• Not having read the rules is NOT an exception.

• This Mariner Sails competition is intended and will be a competitive and professional event. It is also designed to be lots of fun. That being said, ALL anglers are encouraged to be good sportsmen throughout the series. Any disorderly conduct, violation of rules, or illegal activity may result in your disqualification.
• Any report of cheating will be investigated. Any cheating reported with proof will result in immediate disqualification. KNOW THE RULES!

• ALL participants MUST have paid entry fee and registered on I-Angler prior to fishing.
• Entry Fee for this Mariner Sails Event is as follows:
• Online Registration will end on the Thursday night prior to Tournament
• $45 entry and $10 for Big Bass.
• Big Bass is optional.

• This tournament is a 90% payback, and 10% is used to pay for paypal and I-angler fees.
• Competitor with biggest bass wins entire prize. Ties are determined by standard tie criteria
• There will be various other prizes accordingly.


• We will be using I-Angler to judge all submissions for this tournament.
• All contestants are to submit their catch through I-Angler’s App on their smart phone.
• If you do not have cell service or are using a digital camera, you will need to plan accordingly and come find the Tournament Director before the deadline to submit your catch.
• While we have a universal card reader, it is highly recommended that you bring a USB cord that is compatible with your camera. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure we can download your pictures.

• See the info graphic on proper CPR process:
• Each fish photo MUST include ALL of the following criteria:
• The whole fish, tip to tail.
• Laying with the tip of the lip at beginning of hawg trough.
• Mouth Closed to Furthest Tip of Tail
• Fish MUST be left side UP.
• Measurement markings must be clearly visible
• Assigned unique identifier must be visible
• Nothing other than your hand can be used to hold the fish down to the Hawg Trough.
• Angler cannot use any object to hold fish’s mouth to the the Hawg trough.
• Fish must be clear of any devices. Fins/tail/head/eyes cannot be obstructed in photo.
• ALL criteria must be met or photo will not be scored.
• If you do not have cell service at the time, you can take the pics and submit it later when you are in an area that has cell service.

• ONLY the Tournament Directors and staff will be involved in the judging process.
• Since this will mostly be an online submitted tournament, there will be no late submittals. If you know you do not have cell service out on the lake or are using a digital camera, it is YOUR responsibility to get back early so you can submit it in person.

• Competitor photos will be reviewed and scored by Tournament Director and designated staff.
• Photos that do not meet the requirements as provided will be rejected and you will have the option to resubmit a better picture if you have it.
• The Tournament Director and staff will be solely responsible and retain the right to declare any photo as “unacceptable”.
• Winners will be declared and prizes/awards will be announced by the Tournament Director.
• The Tournament will then be declared complete.
• Tournament Director will make final decision on whether adjustment will be made and which effect that will have on any prizes given out in the event of an error.

• EACH competitor will be provided an identifier and a Inspection Tag for the event.
• Your 5 (five) LONGEST verified lengths will be totaled for your score.
• Fish UNDER 10” will not be scored and should not be photographed or recorded.
• A 10” bass is legal; a 9.75” bass is not legal, no rounding will apply.
• Rounding will be DOWN and to the nearest ¼ (quarter) inch.
• Some permanent markers will be available (until supplies run out). You are responsible for bringing your own, or returning the one you borrowed.

• In the event of a TIE, the following criteria will decide the winner:
• Biggest Fish
• 2 nd Biggest Fish
• 3 rd Biggest Fish
• And so on until there are no more fish to compare; then a coin toss.
• Ties will be decided by a 4-hour FISH-OFF
• Total length, no limit, 12” minimum
• Time and place to be decided between involved competitors and Tournament Director.
• The winner takes 1st place and the runner up will move to 2nd, pushing 2nd to 3rd and so on.

You may contact Duc Tran or any of the Tournament Directors for questions or concerns.

DFW (North) - Duc Tran, Dan Onstot & El Steve Searle

Austin (Central) - Eric Porter

ETXKF (East) - Patrick Malone & Dave Newman

WTXKF (West) - Valerie Grant

Kayak Anglers of San Antonio (South) - Eric Stevens


Disclaimer Click to Read


• ALL competitors must agree to a liability release prior to start of the event, this will be completed during your online registration.
• ALL competitors UNDER the age of 18 must provide a liability release signed by a parent or guardian before the start of the event. Parent or guardian must be present. This will be completed during your online registration.
• ALL competitors MUST have a valid Texas Freshwater Fishing License or be exempt under TPWD regulations.
• For current regulations and information on fishing licenses visit: