15th Annual CCA Maryland Kent Narrows Fly & Light Tackle Tournament


15th Annual CCA Maryland Kent Narrows Fly & Light Tackle Tournament

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Light Tackle
| Catch Tournament
Target Sub-species: 
Sea Bass - Striped Bass
Phone:443 621 9186
Mail: davidsikorski@ccamd.org

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 15th Annual 

CCA Maryland Kent Narrows Fly & Light Tackle Tournament

Catch, Photo, and Release your way to some great prizes. 1st, 2nd, 3rd in Fly, Light Tackle, and Kayak Divisions, plus a Team prize for the largest 3 fish stringer caught by a boat of up to 4 anglers, on the same boat



Step 1: Download the iAngler Tournament App to your smart phone and register for a FREE account. You will use the app to enter photos while competing the tournament. You may find it easier to register for the tournament via a computer.

Step 2: Enter registration and payment information for the tournament and select shirt size and color. IF YOU ARE ON A TEAM, HAVE EVERYONE REGISTER AS AN INDIVIDUAL AND USE THE SAME NAME FOR THE TEAM.

Step 3: Once registered, return here to the main tournament page and use the paypal button to add the big fish calcutta

Step 4: Check on your smart phone and LOG IN with your new registration, and ensure that your participation in the tournament has been added to your account.

Once you're finished, look at the announcements section of this page at the bottom left and check out the video that shows you how to log catch. You can also log catch through your computer, but on the day of the tournament you will log your catch in your individual account through your smart phone.

Entry Fee:  $55 Includes entry, lines out party food and beer. 

***Register Prior to May 18th and receive a FREE Tournament Shirt***limited quantities available for sale for those who register after 5/18. First come first serve.

Calcutta: $25 – The largest fish caught by a Calcutta entrant in any division wins 75% of total Calcutta amount. (must enter via paypal before lines in)

Lines Out Party Only: $20 Includes food and beer


You must be a current CCA member to participate in the tournament.  Membership is not included in the cost, and is $35 per year.   To join, renew, or check status go to membership.joincca.org or by calling (800) 201-FISH (3474). The mailing label of our TIDE magazine also contains your membership number. 

Youth Entry: Any youth CCA member(<17yrs old) may participate free of charge.  Youth memberships are $10 per year. The coupon code to bypass payment for a youth entry is KNYOUTH 

LINES IN: 5:30 a.m. June 2, 2018

LINES OUT: 2:00 p.m. June 2, 2018

LINES OUT PARTY LOCATION: The Jetty Dock Bar, 201 Wells Cove Rd Grasonville, MD 21638




1st, 2nd, 3rd LONGEST FISH


1st, 2nd, 3rd LONGEST FISH

Light Tackle

1st, 2nd, 3rd LONGEST FISH

Boat Division(Team)

LARGEST TOTAL LENGTH OF A 3 FISH STRINGER PER SINGLE BOAT Team up to 4 anglers.  Any combination of 3 fish caught on a single boat by a single angler or a combination of fish caught by up to 4 anglers on the same boat.(ALL ANGLERS ON A TEAM MUST REGISTER INDIVIDUALLY, BUT CAN LOG CATCH ON ONE ACCOUNT ON DAY OF TOURNAMENT)  

Largest Overall Fish



Youth Division:  Participating youth members may enter any legal fish of any species to receive a prize.  ( Youth Memberships are $10 and available at membership.joincca.org ) 

Scroll down and click "Rules & Regulations" for full details

$55 USD
Individual Angler

GrasonvilleQueen Anne's County

Tournament is over

Website: www.ccamd.org


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Logging Your Catch Instructional Video
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Events & Schedule

registration deadline for free shirt

05/18/2018 11:45 PM

all registration venues

Captain's Meeting til 6pm

06/01/2018 04:00 PM

Shore Tackle and Custom Rods

Photo Indicator Announcement

06/01/2018 08:00 PM

Facebook & iAngler

Lines In!

06/02/2018 05:30 AM

Lines Out! iAngler submission deadline

06/02/2018 02:00 PM

The Jetty Dock Bar

in-person submission deadline

06/02/2018 02:30 PM

The Jetty Dock Bar

Lines-out Party

06/02/2018 02:30 PM

The Jetty Dock Bar



David Sikorski
(443) 621-9186
CCA Maryland
Joseph Evans
Bill Montgomery
Michael Wissel


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read



FISHING BOUNDARIES: Maryland Tidal Waters

SPECIES:  Striped Bass / Rockfish Catch, Photo, Release Only.  All qualifying fish shall be released in a manner to maximize health and survivability of the released fish. 

ALLOWED FISHING TACKLE: Fly and Light Tackle only. Artificial lures or flies only.  Artificial scent, liquid/gel color or lure enhancement allowed for Light Tackle only.  No Trolling. 


  1. A single, clear photo of your catch should be taken against the 48” wooden CCA MD ruler. Those received at a previous years CCA MD or Boat Yard Bar and Grill Tournament are allowed. New rulers may be picked up at Shore Tackle or Alltackle.
  1. Tournament participants will be provided a tournament identifier after sunset on Friday June 1st via iAngler and on CCA Maryland's Facebook.  The Identifier must be visible in all pictures and may be drawn on a hand, or ruler, to ensure clear visibility. 
  1. The overall fish length will be judged from the snout to the tip of the tail. The tail may be pinched. 
  1. To properly measure a fish place the fish directly on top of the ruler. Any length of fish beyond the zero inches mark of the ruler will not count towards the official length.  Rulers MAY NOT be modified in any way, but may be placed against a bulkhead, or attached to a board to allow the snout of the fish to be even with the zero mark. 
  1. Any fish caught longer than 48” should be photographed next to the ruler  
  1. Tournament officials reserve the right to inspect any participant’s ruler during judging and disqualify any catch if a ruler modification is suspected. Failure to present the ruler to judges at their request may result in disqualification.
  1. Tournament officials reserve the right to examine the embedded metadata of any photo image to confirm the validity of picture. Photos with edited or missing metadata may be disallowed at the judge’s discretion.  Judges may ask to view the original image on your phone or camera.  Failure to provide an original image may result in disqualification
  2. Participants may not change boats during the tournament.



Pictures shall be submitted via the iAngler Tournament smart phone app BEFORE LINES OUT

In case of a tie, the individual that turns in their catch first or team reaches the stringer length first is the winner. 

For participants without a smart phone or that have technical difficulties, pictures must be submitted in person to the judges at the Jetty Bar by 2:30pm. Participants must be in line at the Jetty by 2:30pm to have their non app submitted pictures judged.  

No catch logged after 2pm or submitted after 2:30pm ( in person) will count in the tournament. 

Participants must confirm that their catch has been recorded properly, and can do so through the iAngler Tournament Scoreboard throughout the day. 

If a Youth participant does not have an email or smart phone, their catch may be entered through another participants iAngler account and judges should be notified of the youth’s name in the notes section of the catch log or otherwise before final judging.


Disclaimer Click to Read

Failure to comply with any rule or regulation of the tournament, or law, rule or regulation of Maryland State Fishing Guide, may cause the disqualification of an angler or the anglers catch. Any registered angler so disqualified shall not be entitled to any prize, award, or entry refund.

Weather: All anglers will fish at their own discretion and at their own risk. Entry refunds for weather may be granted by the sole decision of the tournament committee

Indemnity: All anglers will fish at their own risk. All anglers agree to indemnity and hold harmless all members of the Coastal Conservation Association Maryland Tournament Committee, Directors, Sponsors, and their agents and employees from any and all liability, loss or damage they may suffer as a result of this fishing tournament.

Miscellaneous: The tournament committee reserves the right to refuse the registration of any angler.