Pine Island Skiff Classic


Pine Island Skiff Classic

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spotted Sea Trout

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Welcome to the Skiff ClassicS Tournament Series presented by Tropic Bay and all of our Fantastic Sponsors. We are very excited to bring you the best tournament series and the best sponsors in the world.

The Skiff ClassicS saltwater tournament series awards 80% Payout of total entry fees (minus PayPal processing fees per team) to the top 3 teams at each tournament. All scoring in our CPR-Artificial Lures/Baits Only events instantly posts to our Leader Board by iAngler Tournament App. You can watch it live too!

We will be fishing in some of the most exotic inshore fishing locations in the world right here in Florida that are sure to bring you great action and tropical fishing adventures. Read our magazine, watch our video channel and TV Show and join our fishing adventures all right here on our website...See you on the water.

Venue - Sandy Hook Fish & Ribs, 4875 Pine Island Rd NW, Cape Coral, FL, United States

Teams fishing for 1 each Snook, Redfish, Trout PER TEAM.

This is a Gulf Coast Slam tournament

Weigh In: Sandy Hook Fish & Rib House. Teams must attend weigh in for Qualifer Credit.

Launch Site: Teams may launch from any public boat ramp within fishing zone. Submit Launch Photo.

Series: Skiff ClassicS

$200 USD
Team Event
Min: 2 Anglers
Max: 2 Anglers

Pine IslandFlorida

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Events & Schedule

Launch Skffs

03/12/2017 07:00 AM

CPR Weigh In

03/12/2017 02:30 PM

Sandy Hook Fish & Ribs, 4875 Pine Island Rd NW, Cape Coral, FL



Captain Pat Horrigan


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


80% Payout
Championship winning Team Wins Saltmarsh Skiffs sm1444 by Ankona Boats

1. All Skiff ClassicS tournaments are Artificial lures/baits only

2. Catch/Photo/Release only

3. Entry Photos taken on smart phone using iAngler Tournament App only. iAngler Tournament App if angler shorts himself overall length in a photo entry, that photo entry will be accepted. Angler may resubmit correct measurement before sign in cut off time. This is an angler responsibility and not the Skiff ClassicS or iAngler Tournament. Incorrect measurement that gives angler an advantage by entering incorrect length that is greater than actual photo measurement or incorrect species of fish, will be rejected and not counted until angler re-submits rejected entry notice with correction. This is an angler responsibility and not that of the Skiff Classics or iAngler Tournament. No corrections what so ever will be allowed after weigh in cut off time? It is the angler responsibility to check that all entry photos are scored and may be done on angler’s smart phone in the iAngler Tournament App. If angler is having problems with cell phone reception, angler should come in to weigh in early, sign in and report to tournament director. Tournament Director will resolve issue for angler. Once signed in and reporting to TD, the Tournament Director may take additional time beyond the weigh in cutoff time to resolve issue at NO penalty to angler.

4 .Measuring tape:
SCTS Official Measuring Tape only (additional measuring tape may be used for fish exceeding length of official tape. Nose to tail)

5. Measuring tape must be permanently stuck to board. Tape may be stuck onto backsplash of bump board. Board must be FLAT and as wide as tape or wider. Board must have 2" tall nose stop or taller at zero line of measuring tape. Fish may lie on its side or on its belly.

6. Fish must lay flat against measuring tape. Fish may be on its belly or its side. Fishing token must be attached to backsplash of bump board for entry and be clearly visible in entry photo. Fish tail may be pinched but you may NOT have your hands or arm in entry photo. No device may be used to hold tail in a pinched position. We recommend that your bump board has the official measuring tape stuck to the backsplash of board so that you may lay fish on its belly for photos.

7. Length of fish = Nose to longest point of tail that is ON the measuring tape. Nose against bump board at zero line. If fish exceeds length of official tape, lay additional CLOTH tape over fish while on bump board for entry photo.

8. Must be Registered/Paid Contestant and be on iAngler Tournament leader board to Compete.

9. Angler must place self on the iAngler Tournament leader board immediately upon receiving coupon code. Anglers that do not do so are DQ.

10. Maximum horsepower per boat is 70hp and must not exceed the Coast Guard rating of maximum horsepower. All team boats must have gas powered motor in working order. A trolling motor is allowed as a Secondary source of power and may not be the primary and only source of propulsion.

11. Qualifying for Invitational National Championship:
Team Must score a total of 240” or more in combined tournaments of 2 or more or fish any 3 Skiff ClassicS sanctioned tournaments in any combination of divisions to qualify for invitational national championship. The Captain of the boat constitutes the team and may have different anglers fish with him/her. The team name stays with the Captain AND the boat. If Captain purchased a new tournament boat he must notify Tournament Director and show registration of boat. The original boat will no longer be allowed to enter tournaments under that Captains Team Name.

12. Team Anglers of the Year:
Each division will have Team anglers of the year award based on total inches accumulated by the Team from catches entered on iAngler Tournament leader board from any or all of divisional series tournaments (total allowed inches from 2 or 3 tournaments fished in 1 division).

13. Any qualified team may win the Team Anglers of the Year Award. Qualified teams may compete in as many divisions as Captain chooses and is qualified to win in any and all divisions. Team Anglers of the year will be awarded special plaques at championship tournament.

14. Cash Prizes:
The Top 3 winners of each tournament shall receive cash payouts (checks) & plaques. Payouts are 80% of paid of total entry fees in each tournament. Total payout is based upon total number of teams entered per tournament and are 50%, 30%, 20% 1st, 2nd, 3rd places of total payout package per tournament.

15. Scoring:
Largest total of fish in inches entered by a team (largest of each allowable species in a tournament) shall determine the winner. The next largest team total of fish in inches will win second place and so on. Total inches wins not number of fish. 2 fish can beat 3 fish for example. (Unless specified by NTD for SLAM events where a slam beats a larger 2 fish entry. A slam tournament is a redfish, snook & trout tournament unless otherwise specified by NDT).

16. Target Species:
Each tournament shall be the largest 4 fish total per team such as 2 redfish & 2 trout or 4 redfish per team unless otherwise stated by NDT.

17. Combination of Target Species:
A combination of species allowed will be set by National Director of Tournaments for each tournament.

18. Team members must catch their own fish and do so within the SCTS Rules, State & Federal laws of area fished that team enters at weigh in.

19. Teams may launch boats up to 30 minutes before posted launch time but must stay within 50 yards of launch site until posted launch time. Teams may motor away to begin tournament at posted launch time. Teams must submit boat & official measuring tape photo with token on board before motoring away. GPS or Location Services must be turned on for photos. Submit launch photo to iAngler Tournament and record as NO CATCH in species selection.

20. Maximum horsepower per boat is 70hp.

21. Horsepower may NOT exceed Coast Guard maximum stated on boat tag.

22. Sign In at Weigh In:
Both Team members must sign in and record time at weigh in prior to posted weigh in cutoff time. No angler may sign in for another angler. Doing so will DQ the team.

23. Weigh In Time - Close of Weigh In:
Posted weigh in time is the absolute latest time that a contestant may weigh in and no catches may be entered or scored beyond stated weigh in time unless entries are being worked on by NDT or Scoring Assistant. Weigh In Time = Close of Weigh In. (sign in to weigh in).

24. A Tie in Length:
All team ties in length of inches are broken by first team in the tie to sigh in at weigh in.

25. Refund:
Registration fee will only be refunded in the event of the cancelation of a tournament. A weather postponement does not constitute a cancelation. All entry fees will apply to make up date of postponed tournament and are not transferable to another tournament.

26. Registration Fees:
Registration fees may not be moved from one tournament to another. Please do not ask as this cost us more to do than the fee.

27. Dead Sticking or Soaking:
Dead-Stick or soaking techniques of fishing is not allowed. Letting a bait or lure sit still for more than 30seconds is Dead Sticking or Soaking.

28. Wading:
Wade fishing is NOT allowed. The Captain or team angler may get out of boat into the water ONLY to free the boat if stuck or to make a repair. The Captain must report this to the NDT at weigh in or by text.

All anglers MUST wear a USCG approved PFD at ALL times on/in the water.

30. Launching:
No team is allowed to depart from the 50 yard zone of launch site prior to posted launch time. Please refer to Rule Number 19.

31. Fishing is allowed only in posted tournament fishing zone. Launching is only allowed from PUBLIC launch sites within fishing zone. A launch photo must be taken of the boat in the water with at launch. Photo must show bump board with fishing token attached to backsplash of board. Each boat MUST have a working marine or handheld radio on board. It is the boat Captains responsibility to be sure team member knows operation of radio.

32. Protests:
All Protests must be made in writing and delivered to a tournament official PRIOR to 30 minutes of the check in/weigh in close time. The director of tournaments is final authority in all considerations.

33. Rule Interpretation:
All Rules interpretation is exclusively the decision of the Director of Tournaments. All decisions of/ by the DOT are final and are not subject to appeal.

34. Polygraph:
All contestants are subject to take a Voice Analysis/ Lie Detector/Polygraph examination at Tournament Director’s discretion. Refusal to take examination will result in an automatic disqualification. Failure of examination is grounds for disqualification. Failure to take and or pass such tests may be grounds for lifetime ban at all Tropic Bay events.

35. DQ Teams:
Disqualified contestant/contestants/teams shall return/forfeit all winnings and are financially liable for retail value of all awards/gifts/money awarded to said contestant/contestants/team. Failure to comply will result in legal action.

36. Disqualification:
Disqualification from a tournament for any reason is grounds for disqualification from series. Disqualification will result in possible legal action taken against disqualified contestant and or contestants. Anglers that become disqualified for cheating will also be listed as such in writing and public notice may be made.

37. The Tropic Bay Skiff ClassicS, its staff and or employees, ownership, and sponsors are not responsible for loss or damage of any contestant personal property or equipment or phones, cameras, etc. Exercise caution and smart practices to secure your property and equipment.

38. N/A

37. N/A

39. Captain’s Meeting:
All Captains’ Meetings are online for the convenience of contestants and must be attended by ALL contestants. This is for your safety and is a MUST. You will be required to attend the Captain’s Meeting at the conclusion of your registration process. Captain’s Meetings are short and to the point and contain important information.

40. iAngler Tournament Code:
You will receive your iAngler Tournament code that must be entered into our tournament on the iAngler Tournament website. (You must download the iAngler Tournament App one time into your smart phone). Log in to iAngler Tournament and select our tournament by name, enter your given code and this will place you on the leader board. There is an instructional video on iAngler Tournament website. Please view it once.


Disclaimer Click to Read


By signing below or by registering for a tournament you agree and understand the rules set forth for the 2017 Tropic Bay Skiff ClassicS event and agree to the following Release of Liability. PLEASE READ BEFORE SIGNING or REGISTERING:
In consideration of being allowed to participate in any way in the Skiff ClassicS fishing tournaments for the year 2017 the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:

1. The risk of injury from the activities involved in tournament fishing does exist, and

2. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my participation and

3. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of participation, and

4. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless and agree not to sue, the Tropic Bay Skiff ClassicS, its officers, officials, agents, and/or employees, sponsors and advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lesser of premises used to conduct the event.

I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK OF AGREEMENT AND THE RULES GOVERNING THESE EVENTS, FULLY UNDERSTAND THERE TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT AND SIGN IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT. I further agree that by typing my name in the provided space of the electronic entry form at time of registering for a tournament/event, constitute your legal signature and is the same as you singing this agreement by hand.

Waiver of Liability Form for contestants 18 years old and older: By clicking Submit you are waiving your rights to litigation and give up your rights to sue. By clicking Submit you also acknowledge that by doing so constitutes a legal signature and that you are at least 18 years of age. You herby acknowledge that this event has possible dangers from the water, man, machine and or beast, weather including lightening, storms and wind.

Ocean fishing may be dangerous and you are at least 18 years old to enter. You must wear a PFD/life jacket at all time on the water. If you feel threatened in any way or at any time, you are directed to return to the nearest shore and call for help.

By registering for our tournaments you acknowledge the possible dangers, known and unknown, involved in this event and that you and or your and heirs, are solely responsible and waive all rights of litigation, promise and swear not to sue and do hold harmless the Tropic Bay Skiff ClassicS, Tropic Bay Inc. and or its officers, principles, sponsors, host sponsors or any company or individual involved in this event.