NFSA Trash Tournament

NFSA Trash Tournament

Monday, May 1, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023
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May 1 - September 30, 2023

Welcome to the NFSA Trash Tournament. An event run like a fishing tournament, but instead of submitting fish, you will submit your catch of trash. This year, we're partnering with iAngler Tournament Systems in providing a unique and fun way to get outside and help clean our aquatic environments. Each participant gets to submit 1 entry showing themselves pickup and throwing away trash at a pond, river, or lake. This entry will be added to a raffle that will be drawn at the end of the tournament.

Participants can acquire an additional raffle entry by becoming a member of the NFSA.

Pool Check and Brett Leable have donated $1000 to the raffle for the grand prize. NFSA will contribute a $500 value speargun. That's a total of a $1500 grand prize!

It gets better, for every iAngler Trash Tournament Participant there will be $1 added to the Cash Pot. For every iAngler Trash Tournament Participant that becomes an NFSA member, or visa versa, there be a $2 contribution to the Cash Pot. The Cash Pot has unlimited opportunity for growth.

Ready, GO!

$20 USD
Individual Angler


Registration open from Monday, May 1, 2023 to Saturday, September 30, 2023


"Logging Your Catch" Instructional Video
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Welcome to iAngler Tournament - Adding Your Photo to the Leaderboard
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Events & Schedule

Tournament Begins

05/01/2023 12:00 AM

Tournament Ends

10/01/2023 12:00 AM



Greg Hall


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read


NFSA Trash Tournament

Rules and Regulations,

  1. Participants must register correctly and fill in all required fields on the iAngler Tournament App or web page.
  2. No photos of trash picked up prior to this date and time will be submitted. Our system recognizes photo time stamps.
  3. The submission must include a short video of you picking up a piece of trash at a local lake, river, or pond and showing you throw it in the trash.


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