KASA - Kayak Anglers of San Antonio

KASA - Kayak Anglers of San Antonio

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Welcome to KASA.

Kayak Anglers of San Antonio (KASA) was started to support the growing sport of kayak fishing in San Antonio and surrounding areas. A place to share tips, tricks, and general knowledge of the sport. A place to make new friends and explore new fishing spots. A place to share your experiences on the water and have new ones.

Upcoming Tournaments
Date 03/09/2019
Walter E. Long Lake, Austin, TX, USA
Date 04/06/2019
Canyon Lake, TX, USA
Date 05/04/2019
Fayette County Reservoir, Texas, USA
Past Tournaments
Date 02/16/2019 to 02/16/2019
Coleto Creek Reservoir, Texas, USA

Top Anglers
Here are the Stars of this series along with the number of fish they caught in previous tournaments
  Jacob Moeller
6 Fish
Points 93.50
Tournaments 1
  Adam Estlack
2 Fish
Points 31.50
Tournaments 1
  Ricardo Veloz
1 Fish
Points 23.25
Tournaments 1
  Cresencio Silva
1 Fish
Points 14.50
Tournaments 1
  Rolando Nandin
1 Fish
Points 14.00
Tournaments 1