2020 Bermuda Lionfish Grand Prix


2020 Bermuda Lionfish Grand Prix

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 to Thursday, December 31, 2020
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Weldon Wade, Event Coordinator
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Weldon Wade

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2020 Bermuda Lionfish Grand Prix. This four-day lionfish culling tournament is Bermuda's second 'REEF Sanctioned’ Lionfish Derby event. Register your team of two to four anglers to compete to win cash and prizes while removing as many of these invasive species from our reef as possible.

Here's the plan: Every team needs an awesome name and must be lead by a Team Captain. Any team member can pay the $100 registration fee as long as the Team Captain has read and agrees to the Derby Rules. The Team Captain must attend one of the two Captain's Meetings that takes place on two dates in advance of the tournament at BUEI. We cover some paperwork, there's a short presentation and Q&A. We encourage lionfish cullers looking for a team to join or Team Captains that are interested in building a team to attend. There's no cost to attend the Captains Meetings. Starting Friday morning all teams are free to hunt safely day and night finishing at 3:00 P.M. on Sunday to then attend the weigh-in and wrap party at 4:00 p.m. This is taking place at Atlantic Mooring located on Middle Road in Southampton next to Island Cuisine. Look for the bow banners. There will be food and beverages. All registered team members can attend the wrap party complimentary, guests can purchase a pass for $20. If you would like to support this event but not participate there is an option to register as a Patron / Sponsor for $100 which also includes complimentary access to the weigh-in an wrap party. Participants will be competing for cash prizes. The purse will be a total of the registration and patron sponsor fees collected and divvied up depending on a couple factors, frankly, the number of participants will determine the number of categories. At this time there are three categories and prizes will only be given for first place - most, largest, smallest.

For the latest information and event updates please visit www.lionfishgrandprix.com

$100 USD
Team Event
Min: 2 Angler
Max: 4 Angler

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Website: www.lionfishgrandprix.com/

Registration open from Friday, November 29, 2019 to Thursday, December 31, 2020


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Weldon Wade
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2020 Bermuda Lionfish Grand Prix Rules

1. Lionfish (Pterois volitans/miles) eligible for entry may only be taken during the Derby. No previously caught lionfish will be allowed. We would prefer you bring only the racks (filleted, head still attached to spine with tail) to the weigh in except for lionfish you wish to enter into the largest and smallest categories. Please keep all lionfish on ice if you are keeping them whole. The Derby reserves the right to keep and use lionfish presented at scoring station, including uses for a “lionfish tasting/public demonstration”, research and market development.

2. Derby teams must physically check in at one of the two Captain’s Meeting from 6:00-7:00PM on November 6th or 8th to participate in the Derby. The Captain MUST be present for this informational meeting starting at 6:10 PM. We highly encourage all team members to attend this meeting to learn more about the event and up-to-date information on lionfish in Bermuda.

3. Team members not checking in OR who have not signed the Legal Waiver Form and the Lionfish Understanding of Risk Form will not be considered entered in the Derby-regardless of whether or not registration fees were paid.

4. Only legal means of capture will be allowed. This is a lionfish ONLY event. All existing local laws must be followed and will be strictly enforced. Every participant spearing lionfish must have a Bermuda Lionfish Culling Permit.

5. Lionfish may be taken by spear, hand net or hook and line. No chemicals, traps or other collecting mechanisms are allowed.

6. Teams will be limited to a 4 person max, 2 person min. Multiple teams are allowed per boat. To qualify for prizes, participants must be registered and show proper ID. ALL participants must sign a Legal Waiver Form AND a Lionfish Understanding of Risk Form to be considered registered in the Derby (available at the Captains Meetings and electronically)

7. Non-refundable registration fees are $100 per team with up to four people participating

8. Protective gloves should be worn when handling lionfish. Participants are encouraged to carry a thermos on the boat or in bag left on shore containing hot, but not scalding, water for first aid purposes.

9. Grand Prix hours: Sunrise on Friday, November 9th straight through until Monday at 3:00 pm, November 12th, 2018. All fish must be present at Scoring Station at the weigh-in by 4:00pm on Monday to qualify for prizes.

10. Lionfish may be taken as long as the collection occurs during Grand Prix hours and the fish are present at the Scoring Station by 4:00PM on November 12th. Prizes will be awarded at 5:30PM during the cocktail party portion of the event for first place in categories of most lionfish, largest lionfish, and smallest lionfish, and any other additional categories as decided by Derby Officials.

11. Only one winning entry per team will be allowed in each category (no sweeping of a category).

12. This Grand Prix event is open to all snorkelers, freedivers and divers using recreational SCUBA equipment. The use of commercial or technical diving equipment is prohibited.

13. If fewer than 3 entries are received in any category, the remaining awards will be left as unclaimed.

14. We would prefer you bring only the racks (filleted, head still attached to spine with tail) to the weigh in except for lionfish you wish to enter into the largest and smallest categories. Largest and smallest fish will be determined by total length of the fish, in millimeters, measuring from tip of snout to tip of tail. Completely intact. Please keep all lionfish on ice if you are keeping them whole.

15. All entrants agree to allow Grand Prix officials and the GUARDIANS OF THE REEF to take and use photos for media and promotional purposes.

16. The Grand Prix takes place regardless of weather conditions. Captains make their own decision about whether to venture out.

17. In the event of a tie, the winning team will be determined by the earliest check in of its lionfish at the Scoring Station.

18. All cash prizes will be awarded to Team Captain by cash or electronic payment within 72 hours of the conclusion of the Grand Prix.

19. The Lionfish Grand Prix is an honor system tournament with the Captain being responsible for team compliance with the Rules.

20. Anyone found violating Grand Prix Rules by the Grand Prix Officials will be disqualified from receiving any Grand Prix prizes and prohibited from entry in any future culling events.

21. Decisions of the Grand Prix officials are final.

For the latest information and event updates please visit www.guardiansofthereef.org


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