2019 AustinBlu Foundation Land & Sea Fishing Tournament


2019 AustinBlu Foundation Land & Sea Fishing Tournament

Saturday, June 15, 2019
6 and under
7-12 years
13-17 years
18+ years
| Fishing Tournament
Catfish, saltwater
Spotted Sea Trout
Phone:Jocelyn O’Neill, 561-743-7123
Mail: rivercenter@lrecd.org

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2019 AustinBlu Foundation
Land & Sea Fishing Tournament

This tournament is for adults and children and is a family-friendly fishing tournament encouraging parent/child fishing interactions. Anglers can fish from land or sea, so there is something for everyone. The tournament will benefit the AustinBlu Foundation and will raise awareness about the importance of boater safety on the water.

The tournament will include two competitions running side by side to better accommodate all anglers. In the Release Competition, anglers will receive points for the number/species of fish caught, photographed, and released. To receive points, anglers must submit acceptable photographs of their catches with an identifying tournament logo (shirt, bracelet or lanyard). Tournament logo gear will be handed out at the Captain’s Meeting on June 14th. Release Competition prizes will be awarded to anglers based on age categories. In the Harvest Competition, anglers will bring their harvested catch to the River Center for measurement of the fish. Harvest Competition prizes will be awarded for the heaviest fish in each category regardless of the angler’s age.

The AustinBlu Foundation was formed in 2015, in the wake of two young boaters from Jupiter, Florida, being lost at sea. Austin Blu Stephanos is one of those 14 year-old boys and the namesake of the foundation. The AustinBlu Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness, providing education and making available the tools and technology to prevent near-shore and offshore boating accidents. The Foundation also works to ensure more people can and do respectfully and safely experience the majesty, beauty and power of our oceans.

$25 USD
Individual Angler

You can participate from any public location. Please check the event guidelines.

Tournament is over

Website: www.lrdrivercenter.org/austinblu


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Events & Schedule

Open Online Registration

03/01/2019 12:00 AM

Captain’s Meeting

Pick up shirts and bracelets (required for the release competition) and review the rules of the tournament. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend.

06/14/2019 07:00 PM

Lines in the Water

06/15/2019 07:00 AM

Lines out of the Water

06/15/2019 03:00 PM

Catch Photo Submission Deadline

06/15/2019 04:00 PM

Awards Dinner

Enjoy live music by the Bryce Allyn Band and scrumptious food available for purchase at food trucks provided by Guanabanas and Holy Cow Grill.

06/15/2019 05:00 PM

River Center, Burt Reynolds Park East, 805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477

Raffle Drawing

06/15/2019 06:30 PM

River Center, Burt Reynolds Park East, 805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477

Award Ceremony

06/15/2019 07:00 PM

River Center, Burt Reynolds Park East, 805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477

Live Music

06/15/2019 07:30 PM

River Center, Burt Reynolds Park East, 805 N US Highway 1, Jupiter, FL 33477



Jocelyn ONeill
Sara Duggan
Samantha Warwick
Christopher Danley
Albrey Arrington
Megan Harris
Jocelyn ONeill
Rachel Frankhouser
Chris Black
Tyson Franco
Luke Arrington
Austin Nuquist
Stephen Fowler
John Paul Canzio
Kinsley Bass
Lance Troup
Jenna Hughes
Richard Rendina
Brian Jones


Rules and RegulationsClick to Read



• Fishing lines in the water no earlier than 7:00 a.m. June 15th, 2019. Fishing lines out of the water no later than 3:00 p.m. June 15th, 2019.
• All fish must be caught by hook and line by the registered angler.
• All fish must be caught within inshore waters of Palm Beach or Martin County, i.e., anglers must fish west of the eastern-most end of inlet jetties.
• All participants must abide by State of Florida Fishing Laws and Regulations. Only legal sized fish may be entered in the Harvest Competition. Note: children under 16 may be exempt from the fishing license requirement. Go to www.myfwc.com for more details. We recommend anglers download the Fish Rules App (www.fishrulesapp.com), which provides recreational saltwater fishing regulations in an easy to use interface.
• It is the responsibility of every participating angler and their guardian to know, understand and abide by the tournament rules during this competition. Any participant who deliberately violates these rules will immediately be disqualified. Only registered anglers are eligible for points and any potential qualifying prizes.
• Anglers and their guardians are solely responsible for their safety during the tournament and this should be the first consideration in all aspects of this competition.
• Any intentional cheating, harassing of other anglers, or any other conduct determined by the tournament staff to be outside the spirit of good sportsmanship will not be tolerated and are grounds for disqualification and ejection from the tournament.
• All photo submissions for the release competition must be made through the iAngler Tournament app (web or mobile). www.ianglertournament.com.
• Anglers must be present at the Awards Ceremony to win.
• Individuals can only win in one competition and may only win one prize. In the event that an individual qualifies for more than one prize, the largest prize will be awarded.


Anglers in the Release Competition will receive points for catching any of the species listed on the following page. Species not listed in the Release Competition Species List will not be counted for points.
Each angler will receive 3 points for each species caught. Each angler also will receive 1 point for each individual fish caught. Only individual fish of the species in the Release Competition Species List will be counted. An individual angler may receive credit for a maximum of 25 individuals per included species.
Example: Angler catches 2 mangrove snappers, 1 checkered puffer, 1 lookdown, and 1 sheepshead.
• 1 point for each fish caught = 5
• 3 points for each species (4 different species) = 12
• Total points = 17
There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winner for each age category. Winners will be determined by the greatest number of points per angler per age category.
Age Categories
• 6 years and under
• 7-12 years
• 13-17 years
• Adult (18+)

Angler must submit an acceptable photograph of each individual fish entered in the Release Competition. An acceptable photograph includes: the face of the angler, the fish with identifying parts showing (dorsal fin, tail fin, eye, base of tail, stripes or other markings) and the tournament logo (t-shirt, bracelet or lanyard). Please take photo as close to the subjects (angler & fish) as possible. Anglers should submit their photos regularly throughout the day using the iAngler app.

All catches will be reviewed, verified, and tallied in a timely manner. Photo submission will close at 4 p.m. Any photos and/or catches submitted after 4:00 pm will not be used to determine Release Competition points.

Photos will be reviewed by fish experts and all decisions by Tournament personnel are final.


Disclaimer Click to Read

River Center Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement

By signing the entry form, all participants acknowledge that they have read, understand, and will abide by all tournament rules and regulations. I hereby consent to my own and any named minors’ participation in the River Center’s AustinBlu Foundation Land & Sea Fishing Tournament and claim responsibility for any minors registered by me. Even though many safety precautions exist, there is always potential to be injured, bitten, or scratched when exploring nature and working with wild animals. Fishing activities occur on or near the water, and the risk for serious injury and drowning exists. It is important that you understand and accept these risks before registering yourself or your child for this Tournament. I accept all risks inherent to the programs at the River Center, including the additional risks that exist when working with or around wild animals, exploring the outdoors, fishing, boating and traveling to offsite locations and do hereby release the River Center, Friends of the Loxahatchee River, the Loxahatchee River Environmental Control District, and the AustinBlu Foundation as well as their directors, officers, agents, employees, and members from all liability for injury during the program activities. It is further understood that the River Center and partners are not responsible for the loss of personal property. I have read the risk factors listed above and this waiver, and fully understand its contents. I am aware that this is a release of liability and I have signed it of my own free will.

River Center Photograph Release Form

By signing the photographic release below or clicking the appropriate box, you are agreeing to allow photographs of yourself, and minors accompanying you, to be used by the Friends of the Loxahatchee River (Friends), the Loxahatchee River District (LRD), AustinBlu Foundation (ABF) and the River Center. If your picture has been taken in reference to a particular program, your name will be used in connection with the photograph(s) and may be associated with your name/your company’s name/your organization’s name.

I GIVE MY PERMISSION, without restriction, for consideration received, for the above mentioned agencies (Friends, LRD, ABF, River Center) to take, reproduce and publish, in all media including electronic formats known or unknown, photographs of me, or to have this done on its behalf. I understand that these photographs may be used, in whole or in part, in informational, educational or commercial publications of any kind (including without limitation, electronic publishing), by the Friends of the Loxahatchee River and its agents.

1. I will not have any right to inspect the finished work or product or to approve its use.
2. Ownership of the originals and all copies belongs to Friends and its agents. This includes all rights to use, not use, or dispose of the photographs, in any manner whatsoever.
3. The agreements in this Release are legally binding and cannot be changed by me or someone who has been given my rights.